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Waltham Geography and Pests

Waltham Welcome SignLocated just a few miles outside of Boston to the northwest, Waltham is a small city in the Middlesex County of Massachusetts. This city, pronounced surprisingly as WALL-thAm, rather than the more common wall-thum, measures only 13.6 square miles, most of which is land-based. It sits on the shores of the Charles River and is the location of several dams.

The city of Waltham revolves around its cultural and commercial hub at Waltham Common. Radiating out from Waltham Common are twenty-five separate neighborhoods. While much of Waltham is dedicated to residential and commercial activities, it also has no shortage of natural areas. Prospect Hill Park on the west side of the city offers visitors 252 acres of hilly woodland. Within the park, Big Prospect peak rises to an elevation of 485 feet, while nearby Little Prospect peak reaches 435 feet.

Visitors to the park are treated to some of Massachusetts’ most beautiful flora and fauna. Among the features of this park are a series of vernal pools. These pools, which are seasonal pools that fill with rainfall and other groundwaters during the fall and winter, are ideal habitats for amphibians and various invertebrate species.

However, nature of these sorts also means that Waltham is home to many undesirable pests. For example, residents should be prepared for the possibility of large clouds of mosquitos in the summer months. And like any wooded area, residents may encounter issues with wood roaches. These pests prefer to live around wood and may be accidentally brought into your home with firewood during the winter. But whatever your pest problem might be, a quick call to our experienced Waltham pest control specialists will sort it out.

Waltham History and Pests

Although Waltham has been occupied by European settlers since the early 17th century, it took many decades to truly come together. In fact, it wasn’t until the 1830s that a grant of land from the Boston Manufacturing Company provided Waltham with a town center around which to base itself.

Since that time, Waltham has grown as something of an industrial center. In fact, it became such an industrial force that it inspired the Waltham-Lowell system of labor and production. This area pioneered the use of vertically integrated systems in which all aspects of production were handled in a single plant. Waltham also led the way in mass production techniques and the expansion of the labor market through the employment of young women.

Waltham, often known as Watch City, was predominately a center for the production of watches. It was the first city to produce watches on an assembly line and the Waltham Watch Company went on to win awards and many prestigious designations. The Waltham Model 1857 was a particularly famous model originating in this area.

Later, a variety of other industries benefited from the Waltham approach to production. Home to auto manufacturer Metz, the earliest production line motorcycle was manufactured here. And during the mid-twentieth century, Waltham factories were the first to mass produce the magnetron tubes used in radar.

However, science and technology aren’t the only things produced in Waltham. This area, like most others, produces a wide range of household pests. Many of these pests are also prone to “mass production”. Some residents might find mice have moved into their homes. Mice, once they have found an environment which suits them, are likely to settle in and begin to “mass produce” more mice. Similarly, argentine ants tend to live in huge colonies. They may invade your home in search of food. However, should any of these pests set up production in your home, it is nothing that our team of local Waltham exterminators can’t resolve. Give us a call today!