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Wayland Geography and Pests

Wayland Entering SignWayland is a town in Middlesex County, Massachusetts. It is 15.9 square miles in area, of which 0.7 miles is water. Within the town limits is an area known as Cochituate, which includes Lake Cochituate, a popular recreational area in summer. Area residents go boating and fishing in the lake, and ice fishing is a popular winter activity. The name ‘Cochituate’ translates to ‘swift river’ in the Algonquin language. The name apparently came from the Cochituate Brook which connects the Sudbury River with Lake Cochituate.

Notable residents of Wayland include Archibald Cox, the Special Prosecutor of the Watergate Scandal which led to the resignation of President Richard Nixon; Taylor Schilling, star of Orange is the New Black as well as other movies and TV series; Lydia Maria Child, an abolitionist and suffragist who also wrote Over the River and Through the Woods; and Alberto Salazar, winner of the Boston Marathon once and the New York City Marathon three times in the early 1980s.

Near Lake Cochituate and the surrounding area, mosquitos can be a problem, particularly in the summer months. These pests are often only considered a nuisance, but can carry deadly diseases, so it is important to eliminate them in areas where your family will be outside for any period of time. Our Wayland pest control specialists can help control the mosquito population near your home.

Another bothersome pest in the Wayland area is the boxelder bug, a seasonal pest which sometimes appears in very large numbers, then suddenly disappears, only to reappear once again. These bugs have distinctive red and yellow markings, and leave a red stain when stepped on or squished. They are very strong and can get into your home through window seals.

Wayland History and Pests

Wayland was settled as part of the Sudbury Plantation in 1639 and was named Wayland in 1835 for Dr. Francis Wayland, the president of Brown University at the time. The Wayland Free Public Library was established in 1848 and is believed to be the first public library in Massachusetts and the second in the country.

After World War II Wayland, like many other farming communities in the area, began to see an influx of families looking for single-family homes. The family breadwinner would often commute to an office job in nearby Boston, and the homemaker would stay at home and raise the children. Wayland’s spacious lots and quiet neighborhoods made it a popular choice for young families. In the 1970s and 80s the area benefitted from the technology boom that took place along nearby Route 128 (dubbed ‘America’s Technology Highway’) and demand for homes in the area rose rapidly.

The antique homes that were built by the colonists and still stand today, as well as the newly constructed homes that are capitalizing on rising property values, can face similar pest problems. Carpenter ants are often found around old or damp wood. They chew on the wood as opposed to eating it like termites do. They are often found inside in kitchens and bathrooms.

Mice are another issue, particularly in the wooded areas of Wayland. They can enter your home through very small spaces and once they’re there they don’t like to leave! They can also reproduce rapidly. Our Wayland exterminator technicians know the best way to get rid of mice and keep them away.

As a local company, we have lots of experience with mosquitos, carpenter ants, mice, boxelder bugs and other Wayland pests. We can have a technician to your home or place of business within one business day, and we will quickly and effectively treat your home for all the pests that are bothering you.