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Kristin B.-Massachusetts
– May 1, 2017
David is very friendly and willingly answered all of my questions. He sprayed everywhere and I look forward to seeing him next month for the second treatment.


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Wellesley Geography and Pests

Wellesley Entering SignWellesley is a town located 20 miles west of Boston, known for having one of the highest median income levels in Massachusetts. Wellesley is home to Wellesley College, formerly known as one of the ‘Seven Sisters’ of women’s colleges, and Babson College. It is about 10.5 square miles in area.

The town of Wellesley is divided into nine neighborhoods: Wellesley Farms, Wellesley Fells, Wellesley Hills, Wellesley Lower Falls, Wellesley Square, Poets’ Corner, Babson Park, Overbrook, and Sheridan Hills. A pedestrian shopping area called Linden Square is located in Wellesley Square.

Like many Massachusetts towns, Wellesley is plagued by summer infestations of mosquitoes. These pests can interfere with outdoor plans in the precious warm weather months and they can also carry dangerous diseases. Our Wellesley exterminators know the best way to rid your home and yard of mosquitoes and keep them away. Box elder bugs can also appear in large numbers in spring and summer. They sometimes will disappear quickly only to show up again a few weeks later. A professional is often needed to banish these pests for good.

Wellesley History and Pests

What is now Wellesley was originally part of Dedham, Massachusetts, which was settled in the 1630s. It then became known as West Needham, a part of the town of Needham. In 1880, the residents of West Needham voted for succession from Needham. The area became known as Wellesley, after the estate of Horatio Hollis Hunnewell, a prominent local citizen.

The town has long been known as an educational hub, having been home to Wellesley College since its founding in 1870 as a private liberal arts college for women. Alumna of the school include Hillary Rodham Clinton, Diane Sawyer, Cokie Roberts, and Madeline Albright.

The town is also home to Brandeis University, a private research university which was founded in 1948 and named for Louis Brandeis, the first Jewish Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court. Notable alumnae of Brandeis University include Pulitzer Prize winner Thomas Friedman, former prime minister of Iceland Geir Haarde, and Nobel Prize laureate Roderick MacKinnon. In addition to being home to these two prestigious universities, it is estimated that two-thirds of households in Wellesley include at least one person who holds an advanced degree beyond a bachelor’s degree.

Wellesley was once known for a historic 19th-century inn that was located near the town square, but in 2006 it was razed and replaced with condominiums and mixed-use development.

The town includes a designed historic district, including Cottage Street and nearby alleys. Most of the homes in this area were built in the 1860s. Katherine Lee Bates, author of America the Beautiful, lived in Wellesley, as did poet Sylvia Plath, and Biz Stone, co-founder of Twitter.

The homes in Wellesley are a mix of antique properties and newly-constructed homes that continue to be built as property values increase. Carpenter ants are a frequent problem, as they like to chew on damp wood. These ‘big, black ants’ can be difficult to eradicate from kitchens and baths, so it’s best to consult a Wellesley exterminator. Mice can also be a problem, particularly as the weather turns cooler. They can get into very small spaces and once they find a warm place, they won’t want to leave!

A locally-operated Wellesley pest control specialist, we understand the best ways to rid your home of these and other pests. We can have a technician at your home or business within one business day. We can treat your property quickly and effectively and get rid of these pests that are bothering your family.