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Amanda P.-Westborough Massachusetts
– March 10, 2017
Great customer service but haven’t used you guys long enough to determine effectiveness of pest aspect.


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Westborough Geography and Pests

Westborough Entering SignLocated in Worcester County, Westborough, Massachusetts is 21.6 square miles in area, of which 1.1 square miles is water. The Sudbury and Assabet Rivers pass through the town. Westborough includes Lake Chauncy, Lake Hoccomocco, Mill Pond, and the Westborough Reservoir.

Westborough’s most famous citizen was Eli Whitney, inventor of the cotton gin and a contributor to the Industrial Revolution with the introduction of mass production. Other notable Westborough residents include Mary Brigham, the eighth president of Mount Holyoke College, and football player and coach Jim Butterfield.

The town’s lakes and rivers are popular for swimming, boating, and fishing, but they are also popular for mosquitoes. These pests are often seen as simply a nuisance, but they can carry deadly diseases. As a Westborough exterminator, we can rid your yard and home of these bugs so you can enjoy outdoor activities.

When the weather starts to cool off in fall in Westborough, mice start looking for a warm place to shelter and reproduce. They can get into your home through the tiniest of openings, and they’re hard to get rid of once they’re there.

Westborough History and Pests

Westborough was home to the Nipmuc Indians as early as the 1200s, when they hunted and fished in Lake Hoccomocco. They migrated through what is now Westborough, traveling from Massachusetts Bay to the east, along the Narragansett Trail southward into Rhode Island, and to the north into Canada.

Westborough was incorporated in 1717, having previously been known as the “west borough” of nearby Marlborough. By the early 1800s, the trail from Boston to Worcester and beyond became a turnpike, and the commercial center of Westborough sprang up along it. When the steam train came through Westborough Center, the town’s downtown area moved there. Presently, the town is home to offices of many large corporations, including IBM, EMC Corporation, AstraZeneca, Bose Corporation, and American Superconductor, whose global headquarters are there.

Historic and modern homes alike often see carpenter ants, which like to chew on damp or old wood. These big, black ants can get into our home and are often seen in the kitchen or bathroom. A Westborough pest control company like ours can get rid of them quickly and efficiently.

Boxelder bugs are another local pest, and you can identify them by their red and yellow markings, and the red stain they leave behind when they are squished. These bugs can swarm your home and then disappear just as quickly, only to reappear.

We are a local Westborough pest control company with experience controlling mosquitoes, mice, carpenter ants, boxelder bugs and many other pests. We can dispatch a technician to your Westborough home or place of business within one business day and eliminate your pest problem quickly and efficiently.