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Weston, MA, Geography and Pests

Weston Welcome SignWeston is a town that falls within the boundaries of the Boston metro area in the state of Massachusetts. It has a total area of 17.3 square miles and is home to only 11,261 residents.

Weston is home to many large, elegant homes. The area has its own private roads with 24/7 police surveillance, which helps ensure it has one of the lowest crime rates in the city. Houses in this precinct can sell for well over $2 million.

Weston is also home to a few scenic parks and green spaces. While these recreational areas give residents the opportunity to enjoy life outdoors, they also attract many pests who are looking for places to multiply. Our pest control techs in Weston, MA use safe and effective low-toxicity insecticides to get rid of crawlers and winged insects from houses and commercial places. They know how to track down pests and use effective removal strategies to protect homes in the community.

Weston, MA, History, and Pests

Weston was established way back in 1698 and it was incorporated as a separate town in 1713. Since it’s located on a rugged upland plateau, it doesn’t have as much agricultural land as neighboring towns. Early settlers did establish a few farms, though. They even set up a sawmill and a few taverns in the late 1600s.

Some of these taverns still exist and serve as places of historical importance. There was a slight shift in economic activity in 1810 after the Worcester Turnpike was opened to the public. Residents then started working on shoe making and the manufacture of woolen mill machinery. Towards the latter half of the 1800s, several townspeople started building country estates. Some homes were built by famous architects like McKim and Henry Hobson Richardson. An increasing number of people eventually settled in Weston and constructed beautiful architecturally-designed houses.

The town was also home to a pipe organ design and manufacturing company that was in operation from 1827 to 1935. This organ factory was the largest industry in town. Unfortunately, a fire broke out and consumed the entire factory in the early 1900s.

Despite all the new construction that has sprung up in Weston, the town still has large open spaces, perfect for horse-riding, cross-country skiing, and other outdoor activities.

  • Pests that are commonly seen in Weston include ants, wasps, mice, and spiders. Although you’ll see them all year round, they often tend to invade homes during the spring and summer. There are over 1000 ant species in the US, but the ones that are most common in Weston are carpenter ants. These ants chew off dead and damp wooden structures in homes.
  • Apart from ants, residents often find mice scurrying around their homes. Mice not only carry dangerous parasites and infections but they also destroy electrical wires and end up causing fires.
  • Wasps are another nuisance in Weston, as they can become very aggressive whenever someone or something threatens their nests.

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