Michigan Pest Control for the Greater Detroit Area

proof. serves customers in the greater Detroit area from our two offices in Wixom and Rochester. Our licensed technicians are highly experienced and skilled at treating all of the local Michigan pests.

Our Standard Seasonal Service Provides Full Year Protection from Regular Pests

  • Get full protection for your home from regular pests including carpenter ants, boxelder bugs, wasps, mice and more than 30 additional insects.
  • Our seasonal service now includes 5 scheduled treatments the first year, then 4 scheduled treatments (1 per season) thereafter.
  • The fifth service for the first year is a 30 day follow-up after the first treatment that allows us to treat any pests that were in egg/early reproductive stages during our first treatment.

Special Services Target Specific Pests Including Mosquitoes and Bed Bugs

We also offer separate treatments for specific pests such as mosquitoes or bed bugs. These pests require their own dedicated services because the products and techniques involved in targeting them are unique to each pest. Our special services include larger rodents (like rats), mosquitoes and ticks, bed bugs, roaches, and fleas.

We service most areas in the greater Detroit area. For more information including reviews from area customers, click your city in the table below. If you’d like to get a quote, simply give us a call or fill out the form below.