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Common Pest Issues We Treat in Ann Arbor Twp

Black-legged Ticks

Since the Ann Arbor Twp area abounds in trees, most homeowners are lucky enough to be surrounded by nature. While trees are beautiful, they can also serve as an excellent breeding ground and habitat for pests like black-legged ticks (or “deer ticks”).

Preferring larger hosts such as deer, adult black-legged ticks can often be spotted questing on the tips of low branches, shrubs or tall grass. In this phase of their lifecycle, they are actively looking for a potential meal, and adults will happily attack both humans and pets.

Once females fully engorge on their blood meal, they drop off the host into the leaf litter, where they can over-winter. Engorged females can lay a single egg mass that is up to 1500-2000 eggs. Both nymph and adult stages can transmit diseases such as Lyme disease, Babesiosis, and Anaplasmosis.

Boxelder Bugs

Most visible in the fall, boxelder bugs are often spotted on or around windows and doors as they try to get inside Ann Arbor Twp homes and buildings before the winter. During the warmer months they return to their host trees, boxelder trees or maple trees.

They first feed on fallen boxelder seeds and later move to the female boxelder trees or maple trees where they eat newly developing leaves. Because they live on and around trees, we often find boxelder bugs around Washtenong Memorial Park and Barton Hills Country Club.

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Other Pests

Some of the other common Ann Arbor Twp pests we encounter on a regular basic are ants in the spring and summer, and wasps and boxelder bugs in the summer and early fall.

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Angela F.
– Ann Arbor, MI
“Most insects gone, some ants still left they promised a second treatment will be following up with that. Overall good results.”
Anish D.
– Ann Arbor, MI
“Great experience good technical details learned”
Ann W.
– Ann Arbor, MI
“We have been very satisfied with our service,Nicholas was very friendly and knows his stuff.”
Donna M.
– Ann Arbor, MI
“Technician very pleasant .”
Ed T.
– Ann Arbor, MI
“Good so far.”
Elizabeth S.
– Ann Arbor, MI
“I was very impressed by the politeness and courtesy of David who first rang door bell to make introduction to your company (which I hadn’t heard of.) I was likewise impressed by your technician who was also very polite and knowledgeable about what he was doing. I think that wearing a uniform also gives an indication/impression of professionalism.”
Martha M.
– Ann Arbor, MI
“I was great. Mike was great. Inside smells good :)”
Mary B.
– Ann Arbor, MI
“He was informative and thorough.
He was early so he had to wait for me. He didn’t seem bothered. The treatment didn’t take long. Does seem like I am seeing less bees, already. Thanks”
Matt S.
– Ann Arbor, MI
Sheldon M.
– Ann Arbor, MI
“Excellent effectiveness so far. Have not had the occasion to see all technicians but obvious that they are doing the job.

Recommendation will very likely soon be 5 if service continues as it has.”

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About Ann Arbor Twp, MI

Ann Arbor Charter Township is adjacent to the city of Ann Arbor on the north and east sides. Small islands of the township also lie within the boundaries of the city of Ann Arbor.

The township has a total area of 16.9 square miles and about a population of 4,300.

Ann Arbor Twp has many municipal parks and green areas. Since the township abounds in trees and natural reserves, there’s plenty of wildlife (and therefore pest control needed) in most commercial and residential areas of Ann Arbor Twp.