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Ann Arbor Township, MI, Geography, and Pests

Ann Arbor Charter Township Official SealAnn Arbor is one of the largest cities n the state of Michigan. It’s flanked by the Ann Arbor Charter Township to the north and the east. This township is spread over 16.9 square miles. 16.7 square miles of its total area is land while the rest is water. Some parts of the Ann Arbor Charter Township are strategically located along the Huron River. This makes it a highly fertile agricultural region.

Ann Arbor, including the Township, abounds in hills and valleys. The areas closer to the river are steeper in comparison to the terrain in other parts of the city. Ann Arbor Township, MI, is home to nearly 4, 720 people and over 1900 households. Companies that have established their headquarters here include Dominos and Con-way.

You’ll find many areas in Ann Arbor that are covered in thick forests. The city also has thousands of trees and acres of agricultural land. Ann Arbor Township has many municipal parks and green spots. Since the township abounds in trees and natural reserves, there’s plenty of wildlife and pests in most commercial, recreational, and residential areas.

Ann Arbor Township has the same kind of pest activity as other local cities and towns, including carpenter ants, wasps, mosquitoes, boxelder bugs and rodents, among others. Our Ann Arbor Township exterminators can make quick work of these or any other pests you’re seeing and keep your home safe and pest-free.

Ann Arbor Township, MI, History, and Pests

The Legislative Council of the Michigan Territory worked together with the Village of Ann Arbor to establish the Ann Arbor Township in 1827. This township experiences a Midwestern humid continental climate with four distinct seasons. There’s heavy precipitation in the summer months and approximately 58 inches of snow during the winter.

Ann Arbor Township also experiences lake-effect weather towards the end of fall and the start of winter. This leads to cool atmospheric conditions with considerable cloud cover. These weather patterns create an ideal environment for pests to thrive, so it’s important to be aware of where you’re going and what time of day you’ll be there if you want to ensure you enjoy your activities and not have them cut short by pests!
The township is also home to the Washtenong Memorial Park—a quiet, peaceful, and lush green burial ground that’s cut off from all the sights and attractions of the city. There are numerous other places of interest just a short drive away, like botanical gardens, museums, and art galleries.

Since the area abounds in trees, most homeowners are lucky enough to be surrounded by nature. The only concern is that the trees serve as an excellent breeding ground or habitat for pests like mosquitos, carpenter ants, mice, and box elder bugs.

  • Mosquitos can carry potentially life-threatening diseases like Zika, Dengue, Malaria, and Encephalitis. They look for small pools of water and multiply rapidly. Carpenter ants love residing in moist places. They build nests in damp wood and are often found hollowing out portions of trees. Although they don’t consume wood, they destroy it with their mandibles. They’re known to infest wooden buildings and must be eliminated by the professionals.
  • Mice are not the easiest to remove. They enter homes and offices through small cracks and are notorious for gnawing through drywall and electrical wiring. They also contaminate food and carry diseases. A customized mice removal and prevention program is necessary to keep their populations in check.
  • Box elder bugs with their red wing veins usually live on box elder, maple, and ash trees. They invade homes and offices in the winter months in search of warmth.

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