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Auburn Hills Geography and Pests

Palace of Auburn HillsIn southeastern Michigan, you will find the town of Auburn Hills. Taking up about 16 and a half square miles, this town is mostly developed. However, mixed in with the homes, businesses and fast-pace of Interstate 75 are some lovely natural features. Auburn Hills experiences four distinct seasons with warm and humid summers and cold, wet winters. This means abundant gorgeous trees and flowers in the spring and summer, as well as fiery fall foliage in the autumn.

One of the largest features of Auburn Hills is Oakland University. Taking up more than 1400 acres, this lovely college campus is a picture of impressive academic buildings and lush landscaping. Visit in the fall with all of the returning students to see the campus turn orange, red and gold.

However, students aren’t the only things descending in large numbers on Auburn Hills in the fall. This area is prone to many seasonal pests. For example, as the weather starts to cool down, many people will start bringing in their winter firewood. Wood roaches, who love to make their homes near wood, often make their way into your homes at this time. If you notice issues with unwanted fall guests, a call to our local Auburn Hills exterminator will sort things out right away.

Auburn Hills History and Pests

Auburn Hills began life in 1821 under a different name. For many years, this area was called Pontiac Township. Included within this township was the village of Auburn. Over the coming years, that village of Auburn would undergo many changes of name. In 1880 it was renamed Amy. In 1919 it became Auburn Heights. And finally, in 1964 the growing area was given the name Auburns Hills out of recognition for the rolling local terrain.

Whatever you want to call it, these days Auburn Hills packs a lot into a little territory. Today, Auburn Hills is home to such industry greats as the world headquarters of Chrysler and the North American headquarters of Volkswagen and Audi.

But Auburn Hills is also home to a few other things as well. Residents may experience troubles with, for example, carpenter ants. Generally found making their homes in your wooden fixtures, these guys love to chew on wood. They may not eat it like termites do, but they can be almost as destructive. And once you are rid of those, their nests may be reoccupied by colonies of acrobat ants. These hardworking critters may be industrious like the hard workers here in Auburn Hills, but their kind of work won’t leave you very happy. If you notice problems with these or other household pests, get in touch with us, your Auburn Hills pest control specialists, and reclaim your home!