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Common Pest Issues We Treat in Auburn Hills

Brown Marmorated Stinkbugs

The brown marmorated stinkbug is a pest that bothers people in both agricultural and residential areas of Auburn Hills.

Many Auburn Hills residents have told us that they first noticed they had an infestation of stinkbugs when they spotted the critters trying to get into their homes through their windows and doors in fall.

This is because brown marmorated stinkbugs like to spend the colder winter months in a nice, warm, sheltered place – like your home! You might also spot them in spring when they are ready to head back outside after hiding in your walls or attic over the winter.

Paper Wasps

Paper wasps are also common in Auburn Hills.

These wasps like to build their nests under horizontal surfaces like beams and supports in sheds, garages or attics. They are particularly concerning because if they feel threatened they will attack people or pets.

If you think you have stinkbugs or paper wasps in your home (or any other pests), you don’t need to try to tackle the problem yourself. Instead, call now for a fast, free quote, and let the experts at proof. rid you of your unwanted guests for good!

Other Pests

Carpenter ants also cause a lot of pest issues in Auburn Hills, as do wasps and boxelder bugs in late summer and early fall.

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About Auburn Hills, MI

Located less than 34 miles from Detroit, the city of Auburn Hills is known for its high-technology parks, world-renowned retail, entertainment, and manufacturing.

Great Lakes Crossing Outlets is one of the state’s largest destination shopping centers, and locals and visitors alike love Auburn Hills for its welcoming city complex and downtown district.

If city living isn’t your thing, you can also immerse yourself in the countryside. Enjoy Hawk Woods Nature Center, a verdant 80-acre parkland with nature trails, boardwalks, and camping cabins, or play a round of gold at Fieldstone Golf Club.

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