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Stephahie C.-Michigan
– April 10, 2017
Scott was very polite and helpful… explained a few new items and as always your company does a great job! Thank you!


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Berkley Geography and Pests

Berkley Welcome SignSqueezed just west of the M-1 highway, and radiating out around 12 Mile Road is the small community of Berkley, Michigan. Densely packed and always bustling, this suburb definitely has an energetic charm! But there is also a little nature to appreciate as well.

Berkley is very heavily populated. Covering only a bit more than two and a half square miles, this suburb packs a whopping 5,700 people per square mile. Unsurprisingly, this means that Berkley consists largely of closely plotted residential and commercial streets. The area is fully developed.

However, there are still a few green spaces as well. This suburb boasts no fewer than nine public parks, offering more than 45 acres of green. Within the parks, you can enjoy a variety of native Michigan tree life, as well as grassy open areas and manicured landscaping.

Of course, in a place this densely populated, it is only natural that household pests could be a problem. A number of species of ants thrive in developed areas. For example, the pavement ant, unsurprisingly, likes cement and pavement. Colonies of these tiny critters could enter your home through cracks in the foundation. Similarly, the Pharaoh ant loves people! These ants will thrive in highly trafficked commercial buildings or densely populated apartment complexes. When these or other pests become a problem, you might want to involve our local Berkley exterminators. They can come out and resolve your problem right away.

Berkley History and Pests

Berkley wasn’t always so densely populated. In fact, for hundreds of years, no one wanted to live here! The European settlers found the area too swampy to be of value. Before them, the Native Americans also saw little use for this land.

However, in 1817, Lewis Cass decided to change that. He concluded that he might have stumbled on a great chunk of land, if only he could change the swampiness of it. So he set about devising ways to drain the land.

Once Cass had made the land useful, everything changed rapidly! From being “uninhabitable,” this land was suddenly useful as area urban centers expanded and people needed additional living options. Berkley started to grow by leaps and bounds.

During the Great Depression, however, things collapsed. Nearly 90 percent of the area’s residents found themselves out of work, and the city suffered greatly. Schools closed and the city even lost power for a time. It wasn’t until World War II stimulated the national economy that Berkley got back on its feet.

Happily, Berkley has been thriving since then. However, household pests have also been thriving. Residents will likely experience problems with pests common to high population density areas. For example, you may find a variety of beetles or roaches in your home. When this happens, get in touch with us and our Berkley pest control team will quickly resolve the issue.