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Beverly Hills, MI Geography, and Pests

Beverly Hills Welcome Sign Beverly Hills is a village that falls within the borders of the Southfield Township in the state of Michigan. It stretches across 4.0 square miles of land and 0.02 square miles of water.

The main branch of the River Rouge passes right through this village. The river was heavily polluted until a few years ago, when a number of non-profit organizations worked together with concerned citizens to raise awareness about the need to clean up Rouge. Today, it’s making a comeback and the fish in the river and plants along its banks are clear evidence of the progress that’s been made.

Beverly Hills is home to over 10,000 people. It also has many parks and fitness clubs. The Beverly Hills Park is one such recreational venue. It’s equipped with numerous baseball diamonds, a playground, and tennis courts. There’s also a hill that’s perfect for sledding or snowboarding during the winters. Two other outdoor recreational sites are the Riverside Park and the Douglas Evans Nature Preserve. These parks and reserves are generally open all year round, and they offer locals and tourists many opportunities for sports and recreation.

Like other local areas in close proximity to both water and trees, Beverly Hills experiences a large amount of activity from mosquitoes, carpenter ants, wasps and other regional pests. We now offer a 5- treatment plan that covers your home for the entire mosquito season and will reduce mosquito activity by more than 90%. We’re also familiar with all the other local pests and we can even use all-organic treatments on request!

Beverly Hills, MI, History, and Pests

According to reports, areas in and around Beverly Hills and all of Southfield were originally inhabited by Indian tribes named Tech-so-Gion-die. This was way back in the 1600s. There were also bands of Iroquois and other tribes in the region. Some of the first settlers to this region came from Fort Dayton and Fort Utica. They were of mostly German, English, and Irish descent. The region eventually grew and evolved. It had its own fire department by 1942 and a library by 1960. The village was established back in 1958 and was then known as Westwood. It was renamed Beverly Hills one year later.

Today, the entire area including Beverly Hills, MI is considered a premier business and residential precinct. What was once a small rural farming community is now a place with leading business centers, varied housing options and an excellent quality of life.
Unfortunately, this excellent quality of life also extends to the local pests!

  • Ants like Carpenter ants, Argentine ants, Pharaoh ants, and Citronella ants enter commercial places and homes, looking for food, water and shelter. Some of them like Citronella ants produce strong odors if they’re disturbed. Others like carpenter ants can actually cause significant structural damage.
  • Apart from ants, Beverly Hills residents often come across yellow jackets and paper wasps in the village. Yellow jackets build their nests closer to the ground while paper wasps build homes under overhanging areas. Both species sting en masse when their nests are threatened or disturbed.
  • Mice carry and spread serious illnesses. They also destroy common household items and can adapt quickly to changing conditions. What’s worse is that they multiply extremely quickly, so a minor problem with just several mice can quickly turn into a serious infestation.

As licensed pest control experts in Beverly Hills, MI, we can not only get rid of any pest activity you’re currently seeing, we can also treat your home and/or yard to make sure pests don’t come back. Give us a call today to learn more about how exactly we can take care of your pest situation!