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Suzette L.
– April 3, 2017
U guys are awesome!Very helpful,friendly,considering we r dealing with discusting bugs I have always felt not terrible. John makes me feel ok…honestly bugs discust me in the house yuck! Suzette


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Birmingham Geography and Pests

Birmingham Welcome SignBirmingham, a Michigan city located in Oakland County, is roughly halfway between the cities of Detroit and Pontiac. It isn’t particularly large, measuring only about 4.8 square miles. However, despite it’s small size, Birmingham manages to pack quite a bit in. The city features more than twenty parks. Some of these parks are groomed play areas. Others encourage residents to explore Michigan’s natural beauty with an array of nature trails and even some deep forested areas.

Among these parks is Quarton Lake Park. As one would deduce from the name, this park is home to beautiful Quarton Lake, fed by our Rouge River. The park provides a great environment for some of our best Michigan native plant life. It also provides a habitat for the accompanying Michigan native insect life. And while some, like the endangered Karner Blue Butterfly, are things of beauty, others can be less welcome.

Birmingham is home to a variety of undesirable pests. For example, you might encounter the boxelder bug. These seasonal bugs like to live in communities. Large numbers may appear and make their way into your home. Or perhaps you might have a visit from a family of mice. Mice are a family-oriented species. They reproduce very rapidly and just love to find a cozy home to settle their family into. If that home is yours, you’ll need the expert services of a Birmingham exterminator like proof.

Birmingham History and Pests

Birmingham has a long history. Originally land held by regional Native American tribes, the area became a part of the United States in the Treaty of Detroit in 1807. However, after the land was initially deemed unfavorable, US settlement didn’t truly begin until 1819.

Once settlement began, a rivalry quickly followed. Three men settled within close proximity of each other and promptly set up business. These founders, however, each competed for the same business. Each man decided to operate a hotel and tavern from his respective home. Now, as one would imagine, there wasn’t yet a terribly large crowd of people traveling those roads in need of hospitality. This quickly lead to rivalry as each man struggled to take the business lead.

The city founders, however, aren’t the only ones in the area with a bit of a rivalry for space. The city is also home to many mosquitos who will each be competing for “business”—in other words, you. You don’t have to let them set up shop! That is where a Birmingham exterminator can help! Give us a call or send us an email and we’ll get right on it! We can reduce mosquito populations by 90% or more within just a few weeks.

The city’s history continues into the industrial era. It was during this time that city leaders had high hopes for the future of their growing town. In the 1830s, city leader Rosewell Merrill even went so far as to name the area “Birmingham” in the hopes of inspiring the kind of industrial successes of his native Birmingham, England.

Well the area has certainly seen its fair share of industry over the years! In fact, even the local insect life gets in on the industrial fervor. Birmingham residents may encounter problems with local hard-working carpenter ants. These pests are generally to be found happily working on your old or damp wood. They just can’t get enough of it! Unlike termites, carpenter ants chew the wood, but they don’t eat it. However, even chewing it is enough to do a good deal of damage. When these industrious little critters get their crews into your kitchen or bath, you will have a hard time getting them out. Those occasions call for the assistance of Birmingham pest control. We can send our hard working team in, to get that hard working team out!