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Common Pest Issues We Treat in Birmingham


Mosquitoes are very common in Birmingham because of the Quarton Lake and the many parks in the area.

Young mosquitoes need a water source to live in as they develop from eggs to adults. Once grown, mosquitoes prefer to live in long grass and bushes.

Carpenter Ants

Birmingham residents often encounter problems with the local, hard-working carpenter ants. These pests are generally found happily chewing on any old or damp wood on your property, including the exterior or even the structural frame of your house!

Even though these large, black ants tend to invade wet, decayed wood first, they may soon begin building paths through dry, undamaged wood.

Our pest experts can treat mosquitoes, carpenter ants, or any other pests in your Birmingham home. Give us a call today and we’ll send our expert team in to get those pests out!

Other Pests

2 of the common pests we see in Birmingham towards the end of summer are boxelder bugs and stink bugs. This is also the most common time of year for wasp activity in Birmingham.

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About Birmingham, MI

The lively and beautiful city of Birmingham is located on the north side of Metro Detroit and has a population of more than 20,000 residents.

As a “walkable community” it has a small town feel, while also having the benefits and services of an affluent, urban area.

Birmingham has a diverse assortment of restaurants, clothing and gift stores, salons, spas, antique shops and art galleries. The city also has over twenty parks with many amenities including tennis courts, baseball diamonds, playgrounds, golf courses, sledding hills, nature trails, picnic areas and deep woods.

Birmingham is filled with many mini parks and neighborhood parks. The community parks are larger and contain a wide variety of recreation facilities. Among the various community parks, there is an ice rink, a dog park, a skate park and many courts and grassy fields for a variety of sports. There are also two golf courses in Birmingham: The Lincoln Hills Golf Course and the Springdale Park and Golf Course.

Quarton Lake, located on the city’s west side, is fed by the Rouge River. This beautiful lake has a historic park that entirely surrounds it. Quarton lake also has a fish habitat, overlook viewing areas and a fishing pier.

Unfortunately, pests love parks and water, too! If pests like mosquitoes and carpenter ants are bothering you, call the Birmingham pest control experts at proof. today for a free, fast quote!