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Common Pest Issues We Treat in Bloomfield

Boxelder Bugs

Boxelder bugs are a common annoyance in and around Bloomfield. Most often found near boxelder or maple trees, boxelder bugs can be a particular problem for Bloomfield residents in the fall.

As the weather cools, large masses can enter homes in search of a warm place to live in during the winter. It’s common to spot boxelder bugs this time of year around your windows and doors, trying to get in.

In March and April, they will want to get back outside to eat fallen boxelder seeds and newly developing leaves on boxelder trees or maple trees, so you might see them again as they try to get back out of your home.

Carpenter Ants

Another unwanted pest, carpenter ants are commonly found in Bloomfield because they thrive where there is damp, aged wood and water. No wonder they love it here!

In the spring and summer, often after a rainy day, flying carpenter ants will emerge to swarm and mate in the air. The new young queens will then land on the ground, break off their wings, and look to start a new nest.

Carpenter ants love to nest in homes because they contain wood to nest in, water to drink and often food as well. If they do enter your home, you’d better beware: their nests can cause severe structural damage over time.

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Other Pests

Some of the other local Bloomfield pests we see a lot are carpenter bees and cockroaches.

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About Bloomfield, MI

Bloomfield Township is often referred to as simply “Bloomfield”.

The first township to be established in Oakland County, Bloomfield is an area of around 26 square miles that surrounds the city of Bloomfield Hills.

Within Bloomfield are many parks and clubs including Johnson Nature Center, Oakland Hills Country Club, and Forest Lake Country Club, and you are never far from a lake, river or body of water.

While this is great for the quality of life in Bloomfield, it’s also great for pests. Call us today for guaranteed Bloomfield pest control services for your home or business!