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4.5 out of 5 stars
Alex D.-Bloomfield Hills Michigan
– April 12, 2017
Very good. Jason was very helpful and answered all my questions
5.0 out of 5 stars
Hannah C.-Bloomfield Hills Michigan
– March 29, 2017
John was great – very nice and helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars
Kelley S.-Bloomfield Hills Michigan
– March 10, 2017
My experience has been very positive. Jon did a great job removing the webs around our house, which was very much appreciated and unexpected. Thank you for going the extra mile!


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Bloomfield Hills Geography and Pests

Bloomfield Hills Welcome SignBloomfield Hills, Michigan is a city within a city. This small suburb, about 20 miles northwest of Detroit, is almost entirely encircled by the surrounding city of Bloomfield Township. Often confused with each other, the two areas share many services and are collectively referred to as “Bloomfield”.

At just a shade over 5 square miles, Bloomfield Hills isn’t incredibly large. While it was originally appreciated for its rolling hills and lush farmland, these days the city is predominately residential. A handful of businesses can be found around the intersection of the city’s two main thoroughfares, Woodward and Long Lake Rd. Bloomfield Hills is a great place to make your home. Filled with some of the most appealing luxury homes in the state and offering great educational institutes like the Cranbrook Community, who wouldn’t want to live in Bloomfield Hills?

Well, you won’t be alone in your desire to live there. Bloomfield Hills is also home to a few less desirable residents. Your new luxury home may also be the abode of a family of mice. Entering your house through even the smallest of openings, mice will settle in and start a nice big family. Joining them may be a community of carpenter ants. These guys might sound like hard working helpers. But don’t be fooled! They will settle right in and destroy your kitchen.

These pests like living in Bloomfield Hills just as much as you do. They have no intention of moving out! So when your home gets an unwelcome resident community, you might need the services of our skilled Bloomfield Hills exterminators. Simply give us a call and we can help figure out exactly what pest activity you’re seeing and then take care of it for you.

Bloomfield Hills History and Pests

The history of the Bloomfield Hills area takes off at the turn of the twentieth century. Back in those days, Detroit was thriving and many of the wealthier residents began looking for a peaceful escape. While driving out in search of respite from the city crowds and summer heat, these residents noticed the beauty of Bloomfield Hills. They promptly began to purchase up the land.

Among these wealthy refugees were philanthropists George Gough Booth and his wife Ellen Scripps Booth. They decided to expand their own retreat estate into something that gives back. Thus the Cranbrook Educational Community was created.

These days, Bloomfield Hills still retains a sheen of luxury and progress. It even has a little glamor! The community is a film regular, featuring in films ranging from 8 Mile to The Upside of Anger. It is, or was, home to notable greats such as Aretha Franklin, Mitt Romney and that memorable comedian Robin Williams.

However, you don’t need to worry about swarms of adoring fans in this town. What you may need to worry about are swarms of a different kind. Mosquitos are definitely right at home in Bloomfield Hills. They like to live by water sources and can breed in even the smallest water containers. Once they get their way, the next thing you know, a huge crowd is following you like the latest teen heart throb!

Another swarm you might encounter is the boxelder bug. These bugs are sun loving and prefer to be in a warm place. When the cooler temperatures start to set in, they prefer to make their way into a cozy home. And they think yours will do just fine. In alarmingly large groups, these little bugs can force their way into your home in the most ingenious of ways. And once they get in, it can be very difficult to get them out.

When the swarming crowds of Bloomfield Hills’ least welcome residents get to be too much, don’t go it alone. Let our highly skilled team of Bloomfield Hills pest control professionals help you out! You will have your house to yourself again in no time!