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Kathleen B.-Bloomfield Michigan
– April 3, 2017
I thought technician seemed very knowledgeable And was very personable and professional


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Worth Every Penny

Bloomfield Township Welcome SignIn 2010, Bloomfield was rated the most expensive community to live in Michigan. Well, what can we say, we are pretty fancy around here! We take pride in keeping our community beautiful. We work hard here in Bloomfield and we make our own way.

Yet some of Bloomfield’s residents don’t pay their own way. In fact, some might even be living off of your hard work right now! Right under your very roof, you probably have some unwelcome house guests. Pests. Hundreds, even thousands of creepy crawlies content to let your hard work provide them with a happy home.

From the shores of Island Lake to the stunning fall foliage, Bloomfield makes for a beautiful home. It is no wonder that so many would like to live here! But all that lush nature means a variety of unexpected neighbors. Even the finest Bloomfield homes may find spiders, ants, mice or wasps as roommates!

Unexpected Landlords Unite!

You probably didn’t sign up to be a landlord. In fact, you probably did all sorts of things to tell unwanted residents to keep moving. You keep your food sealed. You keep your screens repaired. Maybe you even spray some things here and there. And yet, there they are helping themselves to your dinner. Making themselves at home in your bathroom. And setting up shop in your basement.

Perhaps it would be nice if you could at least collect rent from these free loaders. But just like that weird family member who moves in and never leaves, Bloomfield’s pests have little to offer you. They are content to kick back and let you pay the way. But don’t worry. It is time to evict them!

But now for the tricky part. No one wants to be the heavy. When it actually comes time to tell the unwanted tenants to move on, how will it go? Will they leave agreeably? Or will they raise a fuss? Or perhaps they will simply play it clever and try to avoid being seen altogether? Next thing you know, you are skulking around trying to catch them as they run out the door. Who has time for that?

Professional Eviction Services

Well you don’t have to do it alone. When it comes to evicting freeloading pests, you can always call on the experts in Bloomfield pest control. You see, we make it our business to seek out sneaky Bloomfield pests and kick them out. We’ve been in this business awhile and we know all of their favorite tricks to keep their free housing situation going. In fact, we can even find hidden residents you didn’t even know were there!

Sure, you can probably try to encourage your resident pests to move along on your own. But why would you when a highly skilled team of Bloomfield exterminators is fully at your service. We use the finest products which not only have a greater effect than over the counter products, but which also keep you and your family safe.

Whatever your unwanted tenant problem, we have a solution. We will round up that family of cockroaches in the bathroom, or the community of termites in your living room wall. And we will personally hand them their eviction notice. So you can get right back to enjoying another beautiful Bloomfield day. Perhaps you will enjoy a round of golf over at Oakland Hills Country Club. Maybe you will go hiking at the Johnson Nature Center. But whatever it is you do, you can come home knowing that you are the only resident. So say goodbye to freeloading pests and call the best in Bloomfield pest control!