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Canton Geography and Pests

Canton Welcome SignExactly halfway between Detroit and Ann Arbor, you will find the township of Canton, Michigan. This fast growing community is mostly residential and commercially used land. Within 36 square miles, Canton squeezes in a high and growing population density of 2500 people per square mile!

Within the territory designated to Canton, there is officially no part that is considered water covered. However, Canton does include a stretch of the Lower River Rouge. In fact, this lush water way can be visited and enjoyed along the Lower Rouge River Recreational Trail. Here you can experience the best of Canton’s geography. Along four miles of crushed stone trails, explore the beauty of Michigan’s wooded areas as well as gorgeous river views. There is also plenty of native Canton wildlife to encounter!

However, with wildlife comes a price. In addition to the friendlier varieties of flora and fauna, Canton is also home to a plethora of household pests. Particularly troublesome are the stinging types of pests. You may find the nest of a family of paper wasps under your porch or household overhang. Similarly, you could find that yellow jackets have built a nest near your door. Yellow jackets can be extremely aggressive. If you find these in or around your home, simply contact one of our Canton exterminators and we will resolve your problem right away.

Canton History and Pests

The early history of Canton with European settlers was agricultural. Settlers arrived from New England in the early decades of the 19th century with hopes of setting up farms. Around 1825, these settlers began to organize into communities. The villages of Sheldon Corners and Cherry Hill Village were established during this time.

In 1834, the area had grown enough that it was incorporated into a township. Many area cities and towns owe their names to the communities back east from which the settlers arrived. However, interestingly, at the time during which Canton was established, the government had decreed that no more communities could be named after existing US communities. So the residents decided to turn instead to China! Thus, Canton is named for a city in China.

The name isn’t the only thing which Canton may have taken from Asia. Residents in Canton may experience problems with colonies of Asian beetles in their homes. These bugs tend to live in huge communities and like to be able to make their homes on white colored things, such as walls. If you find yourself with an unwelcome community of asian beetles, or any other unwelcome household pest, contact us and we can send our local Canton pest control specialist to help.