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Chesterfield Geography and Pests

Chesterfield Welcome SignSitting half an hour northeast of Detroit is the suburban town of Chesterfield, Michigan. It encompasses nearly 31 square miles of mixed rural and developed land. Chesterfield is a community in transition, shifting from a previously rural geography to an increasingly suburban layout.

Chesterfield sits on the shores of Anchor Bay, which is a part of Lake St. Clair. Along these shores, there are many recreational opportunities. Boat docks and marine related businesses line the beaches.

The northern areas of Chesterfield remain largely rural. However, other parts of this area are giving way to increased residential development, along with shopping and entertainment centers and other signs of urban life. Throughout the town, homes tend toward the larger and affluent properties, with plenty of green landscaping and trees which turn gorgeous shades in the fall.

With the stunning fall colors, however, come a few unwanted guests. Chesterfield is prone to the usual array of common household pests. While many make their homes outdoors through much of the year, these same pests can gravitate toward your home in the fall and winter. Residents should be especially alert for bugs, such as the wood roach, which are likely to come into your home along with the fire wood during this season. If you notice a problem, it is nothing that a quick call to us, your local Chesterfield exterminators, can’t resolve.

Chesterfield History and Pests

Although they might not have called it the same thing, people have been making Chesterfield their home for hundreds of years. Long before European settlers established a community called Chesterfield, tribes of Native Americans settled along the banks of Lake St. Clair. In fact, the last two tribal settlements remaining in southeastern Michigan were right here in Chesterfield.

Following the Native Americans, a series of different people made Chesterfield home. First, the French wandered through the area as fur traders. Next, the British came to town and took over many businesses. Finally, the Americans arrived and began to settle in great numbers. With the arrival of industry and the expansion of major transit lines, Chesterfield really took off.

Beyond the series of cultures marching through Chesterfield, residents might notice something else marching through this town: ants. A variety of ant species reside in Chesterfield. They may just decide to move into your home. When this happens, let us, your local Chesterfield pest control team, give you a hand.

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