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Clawson Geography and Pests

Clawson City SizeJust west of Interstate 75 is the tiny city of Clawson, Michigan. It covers just more than two square miles. However, within that small territory is a community of nearly twelve thousand people.

Clawson is incredibly densely populated. With more than five thousand people per square mile, it is no surprise that most of the land in Clawson is dedicated to residential and commercial development. The city runs from Maple Road in the north to Normany Road in the south. Its western border runs along Crooks Road and parts of the community span east toward Interstate 75.

However, despite all of the development, Clawson does still boast a bit of green space. Clawson City Park manages to carve out a bit of nature in this bustling city. With a running trail and various recreational facilities, many residents enjoy spending time here.

In addition to all of its human residents, Clawson is also home to an array of common household pests. Like many urban areas, residents in Clawson may be frustrated by communities of roaches in their homes. These unwelcome pests can enter your home through pipes and drains. Once inside, they may reproduce quickly. When this occurs, contact us quickly to send out our Clawson exterminators.

Clawson History and Pests

Clawson, like many surrounding communities, was part of the land granted as a result of the War of 1812. While the area had been home to many Native American tribes prior to this, in the years following it became increasingly settled by Europeans.

Interestingly, Clawson started life under a different name. It was originally called Pumachug. It wasn’t renamed to Clawson until more recently. In fact, the name Clawson is itself an accident. The town was meant to be named for local settler John Lawson.

Clawson’s Main Street was first laid out in 1827. At the time, it was called Niles Road and was named for local Johnson Niles. Shortly after, the road which would become 14 Mile Road was laid out. With this key intersection in place, the community of Clawson began to thrive.

Today, Clawson is a bustling community. However, there are also a few other bustling communities here aside from the human one. Residents may find communities of spiders, ants or boxelder bugs living inside their homes. Boxelder bugs can be especially frustrating. They settle into a home and return there season after season. When this happens, a call to us will have our Clawson pest control team there right away.

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