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Diane H.-Michigan
– July 28, 2017
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Fenton Geography and Pests

welcome-downtown-fenton-mi-signThe city of Fenton, Michigan lies in the eastern part of the state, just east of Highway 23. Taking up seven square miles of land, this densely populated community has a lot of natural beauty to offer. The surrounding rolling hills are home to a variety of natural features, such as Seven Lakes State Park and Mill Pond.

The community revolves around the intersections of Main Street with Leroy Street and South Adelaide Street. Within this triangle are numerous business and commercial properties. Another commercial district can be found following along Highway 23. Blossoming out from around these thriving commercial areas are several tree-lined residential areas.

To the east of Fenton sits Mill Pond. It is connected to Lake Poneham on the western side of the city by the Shiawassee River. As the river winds and meanders its way between the two bodies of water, nature lovers can follow along by joining a seven-mile long trail. The trail begins in Fenton’s Strom Park. To get even closer to the river, Strom Park also offers a boat and canoe launch. Whether on foot or on water, visitors to the river are treated to an abundance of native Michigan flora and fauna.

Of course, as with any natural area, Fenton also hosts a variety of common pests. For example, wood roaches tend to flourish in areas with plentiful tree coverage. Fenton area residents may notice that these wood roaches and other similar pests can make their way into homes and businesses. This is especially true during winter months, during which time people are bringing firewood into their homes. All too often, these wood-loving pests will hitch a free ride into your home on your firewood. If you notice a problem with these or other common household pests, give us a call and we will have our local Fenton exterminators resolve your problems in no time.

Fenton History and Pests

Like many areas in this region, Fenton’s history dates back to a time in which it was used mostly by local Native American tribes. The area marks a spot at which several native trails intersected. It was thanks to these trails that later, in 1834, a man by the name of Clark Dibble stumbled upon this spot. He was using the native trails as he traveled the region and, upon stopping for a break in this area, he was so struck by its beauty that he decided he must return. He promptly named the area “Dibbleville”.

Dibble’s village grew rapidly. Less than two decades later, the town became a location of importance because it was the termination point of the regional railroad. People came from all around to make use of the rail system. A thriving business sprang up around the transportation hub. These days, things are a bit quieter but Fenton is nevertheless thriving! Despite the growth, Fenton has kept an eye toward its history. Many aspects of the historical downtown area still survive.

However, as the population has boomed over the years, many other residents have crowded in as well—pests. Residents in Fenton may find themselves dealing with unwanted house guests such as mice, spiders, and ants. Mice can find their way into a house through even the smallest of openings. Once inside, mice can settle into your home and begin to reproduce with alarming speed. Although these little critters might seem almost cute, make no mistake, they are not the kinds of houseguests you want. Mice can damage your home’s structure and can cause health problems for the true home residents. If mice or other pests become an issue in your home, let us help. We will send our experienced Fenton pest control specialists to help immediately.