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Mary B.-Michigan
– May 17, 2017
He was informative and thorough. He was early so he had to wait for me. He didn’t seem bothered. The treatment didn’t take long. Does seem like I am seeing less bees, already. Thanks


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Ferndale Geography and Pests

Ferndale LogoSqueezed into just under four square miles of land in southeastern Michigan is the small city of Ferndale. With over five thousand people per square mile, Ferndale is a highly dense population center. Thus, these packed few miles are mostly developed, residential and commercial lands.

Ferndale is tucked into a parcel of space just south of Interstate 696 and west of Interstate 75. The southern border runs along 8 Mile Road and the entire community is bisected by Woodward Avenue and the parallel running rail lines. Between these boundaries runs a maze of densely packed streets.

However, despite being highly developed, Ferndale offers a few green spaces as well. Residents can enjoy a handful of city parks, including Martin Road Park. Here, wide green lawns and asphalt walkways provide locals with a variety of recreational facilities.

In a city this densely populated, it is only natural that household pests create some problems. Residents may have problems with roaches or mice. Mice might look cute from afar, but they can enter your home through the smallest openings. If they like the conditions inside, they are likely to set up house and start reproducing in large numbers. Roaches, too, like to create big families in your family home. When you notice signs of these or other household pests, contact us immediately to send out our local Ferndale exterminator.

Ferndale History and Pests

The city of Ferndale has a history similar to many other communities in this area. It was previously occupied by Native Americans until European settlers arrived in the early 19th century. It grew throughout the following centuries as a hub for industry, especially the automotive industry.

Yet what sets Ferndale apart from its neighbors is its political history. Today, Ferndale is recognized as one of the most LGBT inclusive communities in Michigan. During the 1980s and 1990s, many LGBT families decided to migrate away from other nearby urban areas following a rise in discrimination. Ferndale, on the other hand, was more or less empty and in a state of disrepair. As people began to move into the Ferndale area, the community took charge of revitalizing the area and making it the vibrant place it is today.

Of course, like most other communities, Ferndale still has problems with common household pests. You may discover that your home has an infestation of ants or a nest of spiders. Should this happen, don’t hesitate to contact us. Our local Ferndale pest control team will sort things out immediately.


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