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Ben P.-Michigan
– March 28, 2017
Jon went above and beyond to help me with my pest needs. I would recommend you guys to anyone!


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Franklin Geography and Pests

Franklin Welcome Sign Situated right in the heart of fast-paced urban development, you will find a rare jewel in the “Town That Time Forgot” of Franklin, Michigan. While the neighbors are all bustling about, Franklin exudes the quiet charm of a rural village.

Tiny Franklin only covers 2.7 square miles and has a population of less than 3200 people. Most of this diminutive village is covered with residential properties and a few commercial lands. The village is dominated by lush, large estate-style homes on expansive properties.

Franklin sits at a slightly higher elevation than most of its neighbors, resting at around 833 feet above sea level. The land is hilly and punctuated by ravines. Due to its location within the humid continental climate zone, Franklin experiences four distinct and beautiful seasons.

These seasons show special charm against the focal points of Franklin. As an example of historical preservation in community building, Franklin is well-known for its old-fashioned downtown area and collection of mostly original structures. And don’t forget the famous Franklin Cider Mill!

But historical homes can have their drawbacks. Many older structures in Franklin, including homes, may have damage done by household pests. Carpenter ants, for example, like to make their homes in old wood. Although they don’t eat the wood like termites do, they do like to chew the wood and this can cause extensive damage. If this has happened to your charming old home, don’t hesitate to get in touch with one of our Franklin exterminators right away.

Franklin History and Pests

In Franklin, history still lives on! This charming village was established in 1824. It continued to grow as settlers arrived and businesses began to flourish. One of the more famous of Franklin’s businesses was the Van Every Mills Cider Mill.

Franklin has been dedicated to preserving its history and for that reason many of the original structures remain standing. Residents and visitors can appreciate history every day with visits to the historic downtown area. The Congelton Carriage shop, Temperance House Hotel, and Bullocks Tavern are just a few examples of history come to life here in Franklin.

While some things, like Franklin’s unique historical buildings, are worth preserving, other things are not. Take, for example, your common household pests. Like most places, Franklin is home to a variety of household pests. Spiders, mice, and roaches may make their way into your beautiful home. When this happens, our friendly local Franklin pest control team can get rid of your unwanted visitors in a hurry.