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Common Pest Issues We Treat in Franklin

Carpenter Ants

The rich history of Franklin lives on in many of the original structures that are still standing and in use today. Because of its many old buildings, carpenter ants are a big problem in Franklin.

Carpenter ants love to make their homes in old wood, and they can cause extensive damage to it over time as they chew out tunnels and nests. They usually come into buildings through cracks around doors, windows, or through holes for wires.

If you suspect you might have carpenter ant activity in your home, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us right away! The faster we get the ants out the less time they have to cause damage.

We specialize in treating carpenter ants, and they are included in our seasonal pest control plan called the Pest Free Guarantee™ (most other pest control companies do not cover carpenter ants in their seasonal plans).

House Mice

House mice are often found in both residential and commercial neighborhoods in Franklin. While mice can eat a lot of food once a population is established in a building, they can contaminate much more: mice can contaminate up to 10 times the amount of food they actually eat!

Mice prefer to live in dark, secluded areas, so walls and basements in the large homes found in Franklin are the perfect hiding place for these pests.

If they make their way into your beautiful home, our friendly local pest control team can get rid of your unwanted visitors in a hurry! Just like carpenter ants, mice are covered by our seasonal Pest Free Guarantee™ plan. Call us today and we’ll give you a free quote right over the phone for total, year-round protection from these pests and 30+ more!

Other Pests

2 other common home invaders in Franklin are boxelder bugs and stinkbugs (mainly in the early fall when they’re looking for a place to shelter in over the winter).

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lloyd d.
– Franklin, MI
“Jason was very curteous and nice but wasn’t sure whether we had a problem. We may have to call back in the spring. Maybe we’re ok …”
Patrick F.
– Franklin, MI
Tiffany K.
– Franklin, MI
“I have had a wonderful experience with Proof Pest Control! Everyone from the call center to the service technicians has been very kind and friendly and most of all, they were effective! The ants we had are gone and we are very pleased. Jason, thank you!”

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About Franklin, MI

Franklin is a village in Southfield Township.

It is a relatively small, but quaint village with a population of just over 3,000 and a surprising rural nature. The community is known for having lush, large, estate-style homes.

A well known landmark in Franklin is its vintage downtown area and the Franklin Cider Mill. The mill has been around since 1837, the year that Michigan became a state. The village prides itself on being “The Town That Time Forgot”.

Pests love areas like Franklin with a combination of lush, natural features and older man-made structures. For any inside or outside pests, call us today for a quick, free Franklin pest control quote! In most cases, we can have a technician out to treat your home or business in just 1 or 2 business days!