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Grosse Pointe Township Geography and Pests

Grosse Pointe SignGrosse Pointe Township is a narrow plot of land found on the shores of Lake St. Clair. It is a suburb of the greater Detroit metro area on the eastern side of the city. It claims about 18.6 square miles.

Grosse Pointe largely consists of well-manicured suburban land. The roads are well-planned and the communities are mostly residential, with some commercial development. The focal road, Lake Shore Road, hugs the coast of Lake St. Clair for the length of the township. From here, one can appreciate the sparkling blue waters of the lake, as well as the picturesque docks and maritime buildings along the way.

Although Grosse Pointe is a finely maintained community, it nonetheless experiences some problems with household pests, much like the rest of the world. You may have problems with spiders or silverfish in your home. Silverfish like to live off of the starches in your books and other similar belongings. Or, perhaps you may have an issue with firebrats. Similar to silverfish, these pests live on your starches. They particularly like warmth, however, so you may find them close to your stoves and heating sources.

When these or other household pests become a problem, it is recommended to contact us, your local Grosse Pointe Township pest control specialists, and we will resolve your problem in a hurry.

Grosse Pointe History and Pests

There is evidence of people inhabiting the area around Grosse Pointe as far back as the glacial times. But it wasn’t until the 17th century that people really began to settle the area. During this time, there were several Native American tribes making their homes here. There were also French traders from the north and a few early European settlers. However, due to the marshy nature of Grosse Pointe back then, these inhabitants were rarely long term settlers.

Then, in the mid 18th century, the French king wanted to solidify his control in the area. He began to offer incentives for people to settle in Grosse Pointe. In 1750, two French families, the Trombleys and the LaForests, settled Grosse Pointe. The community began to develop from there with more and more families joining them, even after the area was given over to British control a mere decade later.

Whether the area is influenced by French, British or American culture, Grosse Pointe has a few inhabitants who are annoying to people of any nation: household pests. Residents in Grosse Pointe may notice problems with, for example, stinging insects. Bees, wasps, and hornets may all make their homes in or around yours. Some are less aggressive, but some, when provoked, can create a serious risk to your health. If you notice these or other pests on your property, call us, your first choice local Grosse Pointe exterminator right away!