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Brenda R.-Michigan
– May 18, 2017
Since my first application was yesterday, I don’t have any feedback on the product, yet. I will say that both technicians (Brandon? and Mike) were very nice. Brandon sold me on the service with a good explanation of the product and service. Mike applied the product. Mike was very pleasant. He not only took the time to explain how he was going to apply the product, but he also said he would look for areas that might be an issue. After he applied the product, he came back inside the house and told me of some problem areas. He suggested we fill holes in the wood where bees were getting in. He even repeated everything to my husband, who arrived home when Mike was leaving. I look forward to working with Mike in the future.


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Hartland Geography and Pests

cromaine-library-hartland-miNortheast of Detroit, you can find a community that offers a little bit of everything —Hartland, Michigan. In Hartland, you can enjoy plenty of rolling rural land. You can enjoy lakeside living. Or you can make your home in a charming suburban community. Within Hartland, you will find the communities of Hallers Corners, Parshallville and Hartland itself.

Hartland is a reasonably sized neighborhood, covering nearly 38 square miles. While most of this area is on ground, approximately one and a half square miles is composed of water. Hartland is home to picturesque Walden Lake, which offers 140 acres of spring fed waters and some campsites. Hartland also includes other lakes, including Round Lake, Handy Lake, Maxfield Lake and Long Lake.

Of course, in addition to happy campers, lakes also attract mosquitoes. Residents in Hartland may find themselves frustrated by large clouds of these unpleasant pests. Mosquitos tend to thrive in areas where there is an abundance of still water. The areas around lakes are especially good homes for them, and residents in Hartland may be at risk. If you find yourself with a mosquito problem, don’t hesitate to give us a call. We will send our local Hartland exterminators right away.

Hartland History and Pests

Hartland, Michigan, owes much of its history to two brothers: Robert and Chauncey Crouse. Although the township was formed officially in 1836, it was these two men who were responsible for pushing much of the area’s growth in the early 1840s.

Later, Hartland served an important role as a stop on the Underground Railroad. As slaves began to flee their bondage, many would find their way to Hartland where residents had secret rooms and passages to protect the escaped people on their way to freedom.

After the turn of the century, the Crouse family was again responsible for driving the progress of Hartland forward. J.R. Crouse decided to conduct a social experiment in the area. His initiative led to the creation of bigger and better schools and increased the efficiency of local area agricultural models. Due to his efforts, Hartland gained an excellent reputation in some industries, particularly hand weaving.

However, there are other industrious critters at work in Hartland! For example, large colonies of hard-working ants or hives of busy bees may become an issue for residents. In these cases, being hard-working is no asset to us! Carpenter ants chew wood and may damage the structure of your home. Bees, as well as other stinging insects, can cause serious health issues. If you notice these or other household pests in your home, contact us and our expert Hartland pest control specialists can help.

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