What Our Howell Customers Are Saying

5.0 out of 5 stars
Jennifer S.-Howell Michigan
– April 25, 2017
We’ve had a very positive experience with proof. The technicians are friendly and professional and our pest problem was quickly resolved. We also appreciate the no-hassle billing and e-mail notifications.
5.0 out of 5 stars
Cheryl P.-Howell Michigan
– April 6, 2017
Courteous even after he stood in rain waiting for me to open the door. I forgot about the appt bc of a personal emergency.


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Howell Geography and Pests

Howell Welcome SignHowell, Michigan, about an hour northwest of Detroit, is a quintessential American town. It isn’t especially large, measuring just under 5 square miles. But Howell is nonetheless a meeting place. This small town is crisscrossed by a myriad of major highways. The town grows around the intersection of West Grand River Avenue and North Michigan Avenue. It is hemmed in around the edges by Interstate 96, M-59 and D-19.

Major roadways aren’t the only defining aspect of Howell’s geography. The town also features lovely Thompson Lake to the northeast. Although the lake isn’t especially well known for fishing, as Howell’s local beach, it offers a campground where many area families have made great memories.

Howell may be small but it takes nature seriously! So seriously, in fact, that visitors are invited to explore the Howell Nature Center. Here, one can learn about Howell area wildlife as well as rehabilitation projects. The site hosts a wildlife zoo to showcase Howell’s diversity of creatures. And, if you want a little more excitement, there is even a Zipline park!

However, there are some Howell area residents you won’t find proudly featured in the zoo. Like many other towns, Howell is home to a variety of unwelcome house pests. Some are small, just like Howell. And like our proud town, these tiny critters can pack a powerful punch. But unlike our small home town, these diminutive pests aren’t friendly or helpful.

For example, your home might be at risk of invasion from ants. Howell residents may encounter communities of pharaoh ants. These tiny pests have a distinctive yellow or light brown color. Although they prefer to make their homes in commercial type buildings, they may also set up shop in your home. Similarly, your home may be taken over by acrobat ants. These guys just love your old or rotted wood fixtures. They may be small, but if disturbed, the foul smell they give off is anything but small. When these or other pests make their way into your home, a quick call to your local Howell exterminator proof. Pest Control will take care of things right away!

Howell History and Pests

Howell, Michigan has a long and proud history. Things really started to take off for this area in 1836. At this time, Howell started to get organized. The first post office was established, along with a mail route and a seat of government. This same year, the first bridge was built over the Shiawassee River, enabling traffic to really pick up.

Throughout the second half of the 19th century, Howell continued to grow. Today, residents can see many of these early buildings still proudly standing. One great example is the Howell Opera House. Built in 1881, this historical building is registered in the National Historic Register. Visitors can admire its Victorian style architecture. Only the main floor has been restored but there are plans to continue restoration. The Opera House isn’t alone. Plans are being made to restore the old Township Hall and the old Howe School.

While Howell has a thriving historical element, these days Howell is a modern American town. But we still maintain a strong sense of community! Howell comes together throughout the year to celebrate many festivals! From the Michigan Challenge Balloonfest in summer to the Halloween “Legend of Sleepy Hollow” night, we love our community!

Unfortunately, Howell’s residents aren’t the only thing that likes to gather around here. Residents may also experience issues with communities of unwelcome pests. For example, you may find huge communities of boxelder bugs gathered on or even in your home. Just like our community celebrates our festivals annually, boxelder bugs tend to show up in large numbers, disappear and then come back. It is best in these cases to call us to take care of your bug or other pest issue right away. As a local Howell pest control specialist company, we know exactly how to get rid of our town’s unwelcome inhabitants!