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Independence Township Geography and Pests

Independence Township LogoDrive about an hour and a half north of Detroit and you will find yourself in the town of Independence Township, Michigan. The town measures about 36 square miles and contains an entire separate city, Clarkston, within its borders! But that isn’t all you will find in Independence Township.

This area is part of the humid continental climate area. With four distinct seasons and plenty of precipitation, Independence Township is home to abundant nature. The area consists of rolling hills ranging up to 1221 feet in elevation. The town leans up against the Hillsdale-Lapeer Morain Range and is shaded by summits such as Pine Knob and Waterford Hill.

Independence Township is also a land of many lakes. There are more than thirty lakes in the area. The largest, Lake Oakland, is 255 acres and reaches depths of 65 feet. Other large lakes include Deer Lake, Greens Lake, Lotus Lake and Woodhull Lake. On the other end of the spectrum, diminutive Knox Lake is a mere 2 acres.

Winter sports enthusiasts will enjoy Independence Township as well. The town is home to Pine Knob Resort, a much loved ski and snowboard resort. With Pine Hill recognized as the highest summit in Southern Michigan, the resort has features including seventeen trails, twelve lifts and three terrain parks. One run, known as “The Wall” is so steep that it is nearly a vertical run.

It is hardly surprising then that during the winter months many visitors descend on the Independence Township area. However, residents may be more surprised to discover some less welcome winter guests. Local pests may present issues in winter as critters make their way indoors seeking warmth.

For example, residents may have problems with wood roaches. These pests prefer to live in and around wood. As residents bring in fresh firewood to heat their way through winter, these undesirable pests may enjoy the free ride inside. Similarly, stink bugs like to migrate indoors when the weather starts to change. As fall starts to fade into winter, it might be a good idea to invite your local Independence Township exterminator proof. Pest to make a visit and “uninvite” any winter pests who might be interested in your home.

Independence Township History and Pests

Throughout the central parts of the United States, the government spread population through a process called “homesteading”. This practice allowed the government to grant tracts of land to individuals who would then farm or settle the land. Michigan was a huge source of land for the homesteading program and following the War of 1812, large chunks of land were selected to be distributed to soldiers.

However, initial surveys concluded that the land in Michigan was so bad as to be utterly unworthy of the effort! Thus, settlement of the Independence Township area was a little slower. It wasn’t until the 1820s that the first settlers truly started to set up home in this area. The town grew and became an agricultural center. Industrious settlers resolved issues with the swampy land by developing artificial methods of drainage.

Then, around the turn of the 20th century, city dwellers from nearby Detroit began to recognize a different value in Independence Township. Searching for a place to escape from the heat and chaos of a booming city, visitors appreciated the cooler and calmer nature of Independence Township. Thus the city evolved as a resort and vacation destination during the summer months.

But wealthy city folk aren’t the only ones fleeing in masses to Independence Township during the summer months. Residents these days may discover a problem with other area summer residents. For example, many stinging pests may build their nests in or around your home during the spring and summer. Bees, wasps and hornets can all be a problem during this time of year. Many will be prepared to aggressively defend their nests if disturbed.

Residents who notice a problem with these or other pests would be best advised to contact our expert Independence Township pest control specialists for fast, professional control. Store-bought products often make pest problems worse by simply spreading pests around. Our products and services can put a quick, permanent end to your pest issues.