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Ramla M.-Michigan
– April 17, 2017
Great advice for decreasing pest activity. Always appreciate it when Johnathan comes out to treat our home inside and out.


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Keego Harbor Geography and Pests

Keego Harbor Welcome SignKeego Harbor is a city located in Oakland County, Michigan, about 30 miles northwest of Detroit. It is 0.54 square miles in area, of which 0.4 square miles is water, primarily Dollar Lake. When the city was designed, Dollar Lake was connected to Cass Lake by means of a canal dug for that purpose. Keego Harbor is well-known for water recreation, including boating, swimming and fishing.

Mosquitos are a common problem due to the water in the area. While many people consider these insects to just be a nuisance, they can be dangerous as they can carry deadly diseases including West Nile Virus and several strains of encephalitis. We have extensive experience ridding Keego Harbor homes and yards of mosquitos so residents can once again enjoy outdoor activities.

Carpenter ants are also often seen in the area. They like to chew on old or damp wood and are often found near outdoor decks and patios. If they get into your home, you may see them in the kitchen or bathrooms. A local Keego Harbor pest control company can help get rid of them.

Keego Harbor History and Pests

Keego Harbor is a planned resort community developed around 1900 by Joseph E. Sawyer, a lawyer from Pontiac. The name ‘Keego’ is said to have been derived from an Indian word for ‘big fish.’ Sawyer developed the area as a real estate investment.

Keego Harbor homeowners sometimes report infestations of boxelder bugs, which can swarm the home suddenly in large numbers. They then disappear, but can often reappear if the home is not treated. They are recognizable by their distinctive yellow and red markings, and the red stain they leave when squished. They are very strong, and can force their way into a home through the window seals.

Mice are another common pest and their presence can be very upsetting. Mice can squeeze into your home through very small openings. These rodents are not a reflection on your housekeeping skills; rather, they are often looking for a warm place to shelter and reproduce as the days get colder. Once they get in your home, it can be difficult to get them out without a professional Keego Harbor exterminator.

We are a professional, local Keego Harbor pest control company with experience dealing with mosquitos, carpenter ants, boxelder bugs, mice, and other common pests. We can dispatch an expert technician to your home or place of business within one business day.

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