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Lathrup Village Geography and Pests

Lathrup Village LogoA city within a city, Lathrup Village, Michigan is entirely surrounded by neighboring Southfield. This highly populated village, with only 1.5 square miles, may be tiny, but it is densely populated. Within its boundaries, there are roughly 2700 people per square mile!

With such a high population density, it comes as no surprise that the vast majority of this tiny village consists of residential and commercial properties. The village is crossed by the I-696 Freeway. Around the freeway, streets criss-cross Lathrup closely, making a dense maze of roadways.

The village, however, does boast some nature. Within even this small parcel of land, you can find a number of parks, including Annie Lathrup Park, Goldengate Park, Lathrup Village Municipal Park and Sarrackwood Park. These parks feature groomed walking trails, grassy open areas, and plenty of facilities for residents and visitors to enjoy a day outside.

However, as is normal in such densely populated areas, Lathrup Village has its fair share of unwanted pests. Residents may be plagued by household pests including spiders, roaches and mice. Mice in particular can be problematic. These tiny rodents can make their way into your home through the smallest of openings. Once established in your home, they will reproduce quickly! If you notice a problem with these kinds of pests, the best advice is to call us, your trusted Lathrup Village exterminators, so that we can resolve this issue for you.

Lathrup Village History and Pests

Lathrup Village was the pet project of a woman named Louise Lathrup Kelley. During the swinging 1920s, Lathrup purchased this land with the dream of creating the ideal community. Her idea was to build a community in which artistic individuality ruled. After buying the parcel of land, she then proceeded to purchase specially designed, unique home plans from local area architects. As she then sold off plots of her land, she allowed the buyers to select one plan from her collection. In doing so, Lathrup ensured that all properties in her community would keep to her standards of aesthetics while also ensuring that each home was unique to that owner.

But Lathrup didn’t stop there! As her community developed, she implemented services which were innovative at the time. For example, her community boasted a shuttle to area shopping. She even began to include automobile financing with the purchase of her homes!

Unfortunately, all of the careful planning in the world can’t prevent unwanted household pests. Like most places, Lathrup Village is home to such pests as bees, wasps and hornets. These stinging insects often build their nests in or around homes and, when provoked, can become quite aggressive. If this has happened in your home, don’t hesitate to contact us and we will send our local Lathrup Village pest control team to fix your issue!

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