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5.0 out of 5 stars
Laurie M.-Michigan
– July 31, 2017
The service technician, Jason, arrived right on time, and was very nice and quite professional. He removed a large wasp nest for us, as well as spraying for spiders. Thanks for getting to our home so quickly.


Linden Geography and Pests

Exterior of Linden Mills buildingTaking up a mere two and a half square miles in the central eastern part of the state, Linden, Michigan is a green community surrounded by beautiful natural features. Not only does the Shiawassee River flow through the middle of the community, but the area is bordered on the south and east by a number of large bodies of water.

Starting from the northeast and working down clockwise, Linden borders Loon Lake, Squaw Lake, Lake Ponemah, Silver Lake, Pine Lake and Byram Lake. Byram Lake, with shores that brush Linden’s southern borders, offers community residents a number of lush, green lakeside properties, as well as the opportunity to engage in fishing and other water recreational activities.
Linden experiences four distinct seasons each year. Summers are warm and often humid while winters can be cold and wet. On average, the city can expect 32 inches of rain per year and 26 inches of snow. The conditions make for a lush and green local geography. While the elevation sits at only around 873 feet above sea level, there are some rolling hills in the area and plenty of tree cover.

This combination of weather, water, and foliage makes Linden a beautiful place to live or visit. Unfortunately, we aren’t the only ones who think so! The area is also home to many common pests. In particular, the standing water and warm, humid weather in the summer can cause a lot of mosquitos. Residents often find themselves engulfed in a cloud of these nasty, blood-thirsty pests. If you find that this is becoming a problem on your property, give us a call right away! Our highly skilled Linden exterminators will come right away and sort things out.

Linden History and Pests

The history of Linden, Michigan has its roots in travel. Before the Europeans had fully settled this region, the areas surrounding Linden were often used by the local Native American tribes. They used many trails, which crisscrossed the area. While other nearby communities were vital hubs of industry and transportation, little Linden sat along one of the major trails to access these communities. For that reason, two brothers by the names of Richard and Perry Lamb had the idea to create a place for travelers to rest on their journey. The brothers built a log cabin along the route in 1835 and began offering basic accommodation to those who passed their way. They developed quite a reputation as excellent hosts and soon the area began to grow.

As the years passed, Linden grew from a mere road stop to a thriving community in its own right. The community started delving into other industries, such as agriculture. They also founded a creamery. The creamery was highly successful and put the town on the map as it was the only one of its kind in the entire state. By 1871, Linden was incorporated as a village. A little more than a century later, in 1988, it became a city.

While the city’s beginnings were rooted in the welcoming attitude of the Lamb brothers, that doesn’t mean that today’s residents necessarily want unexpected houseguests of their own. Yet, like many places, Linden residents may find their homes invaded—by pests. In the summer months, for example, Linden residents should be cautious of flying pests. The area is home to a variety of these pests, such as bees, wasps, hornets and yellow jackets. Yellow Jackets can be especially fierce. They are small and predatory and have a nasty habit of making their nests near porches and decks. A sting from one of these pests can be hazardous to your health. If you become aware of a problem with these or other similar pests, our trained Linden pest control specialists can remedy the situation for you quickly.