What Our Lyon Charter Township Customers Are Saying

5.0 out of 5 stars
Donna P.-Lyon Charter Township Michigan
– April 16, 2017
Really like your service and the tech that maintains our house. The boxelder bugs have gone WAY down. Probably only see 1 or 2 a week. Way way better!! Thank you.
5.0 out of 5 stars
Renee C.-Lyon Charter Township Michigan
– March 30, 2017
Friendly, thorough, and professional. I highly recommend them.


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Lyon Charter Township Geography and Pests

Lyon Charter Township LogoLyon Township occupies roughly 32 square miles in southeast Michigan. Those 32 square miles are hemmed in by the Pontiac Trail to the north, Napier Road to the east, Eight Mile Road in the south and Dixboro Road in the west. Within those boundaries, however, there is much to offer!

The township sits at an elevation of about 942 feet in the humid continental climate of the US. As a result, Lyon Township experiences four distinct seasons with plenty of seasonal precipitation and varied temperatures. These conditions have made Lyon Township favorable for verdant, beautiful nature.

Within the bounds of Lyon Township, there are many green spaces. Probably the most plentiful of these “green spaces” are the numerous “greens”! Lyon Township has an abundance of gorgeous golf courses and golf clubs. From the rolling lawns of Walnut Creek Country Club to those at Riverbank Golf Course or Cattails Golf Course, beautifully manicured lawns, vibrant trees and water features fill this area.

On the topic of water features, this climate also makes for some great ponds and lakes. In specific, Walnut Creek boasts plenty of bodies of water, and Lyon Township features a preserved wetland area. The Goemaere-Anderson Wetland Preserve is nearly 11 acres just south of the Lyon Oaks County Park area. The preserve consists of cattail marshes, which resemble flooded grasslands. Many species of wildlife make their homes within these marshes. For example, waterbirds utilize these lands for their breeding ground. Reptiles are another common inhabitant. You may even find some otters or beavers around these marshes!

However, birds and water mammals aren’t the only things breeding in this area. Lyon Township residents may also experience issues with unwanted pests infesting in their homes. For example, you may notice problems with mice. They may look cute, but beware! Mice enter your home through small openings and set up their nests in your attics, basements or other quiet areas. Once they move in, they begin to breed rapidly. And the damage they can do is far from cute! If you notice a problem with mice in your home, don’t try to resolve the issue alone. proof. Pest Control is a local Lyon Township pest control specialist and we can take care of mice or any other pest issue for you.

Lyon Charter Township History and Pests

Originally, the founders of Lyon Township wanted to name this town “Fruitland”. However, the state legislature was less impressed with this name, and so it was dubbed Lyon Township. This name is a tribute to Lucius Lyon, who came to Michigan as a surveyor in 1821 and was the first US Senator from Michigan.

Lyon Township was founded officially in 1834. In the beginning, it was primarily an agricultural center. It was also an important stop along the route of the major stagecoach trails. Travelers and explorers stopped off in this area and purchased goods as they passed through on their way to other major Michigan cities, thereby contributing to the commercial growth of Lyon Township. Visitors can still view a mid-19th-century era hotel and toll house that hosted many weary passersby in its day.

While Lyon Township has a history of hosting weary travelers, residents should be wary of hosting some less welcome guests in their homes. Lyon Township residents may find various unwelcome house pests, such as spiders, wood roaches or silverfish in their homes. They may even experience problems with infestations of critters like the boxelder bug. Black and red markings characterize these seasonal pests. They like to move into your home and when they do, they come in huge numbers.

They may seem to disappear, but watch out! These bugs often return seasonally unless the professionals step in. In this case, it is best to contact a local Lyon Township exterminator like proof! Our pest free guarantee protects your home from boxelder bugs and any other home pests all year long.