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4.5 out of 5 stars
Vinay B.-Michigan
– April 14, 2017
Very good and thorough since we got advice on what to fix to avoid bat intrusion. Thx a lot.


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Macomb Geography and Pests

Macomb Park SignJust southwest of Lake Huron and a wee bit northwest of Lake St. Clair lies Macomb, Michigan. Recently designated as the fastest growing major municipality in Michigan, this large suburb is mostly fertile land with large patches of swamp and wetlands. At a relatively low elevation of 604 feet above sea level, Macomb is mostly flat.

Macomb spans about 36 square miles and includes three unincorporated communities: Macomb Corners, Waldenburg and Meade. It is largely residential and commercial land these days, with some excellent “green spaces” to be found on a handful of golf courses. However, for a real taste of Macomb’s nature and geography, head over to Stony Creek Metro Park. Here you can examine some of Macomb County’s best woodlands, wetlands and prairies, as well as a large lake.

Of course, along with wetlands and woodlands, you can expect the usual accompanying pests in Macomb. For example, wood roaches love to make their homes near wood. They can become a problem when cold weather hits and we start to bring nature inside with our firewood. Similarly, although crickets prefer to live outside in nature, they often find their way into our homes as well. In addition to being annoying as they chirp, they can destroy your fine fabrics. When these or other household pests become a problem, simply contact us. We are your always-ready local Macomb exterminators! We’ll sort things out right away.

Macomb History and Pests

When the US government first decided to set aside chunks of Michigan as part of an act which gave land to settlers, they sent out people to survey the land for future use. However, early surveyors concluded that the area around southeastern Michigan was too swampy for use and left it alone for many years!

Later, settlers began to explore the area we now call Macomb and appreciated its lush and fertile farmlands. Thus, it officially became a township in 1834. Although it was initially used for agriculture, Macomb eventually became a big player in the logging and lumber industries.

These days, Macomb is thriving and is expanding rapidly. However, unfortunately human residents aren’t the only ones flocking to Macomb. The area also experiences a variety of common household pests. These pests can expand their populations even more quickly than we can. For example, residents may find they have a family of mice living in their homes. These tiny rodents will set up house in your attic or basement and then proceed to reproduce very rapidly. If you discover this has happened in your home, it is probably a good time to contact us so our Macomb pest control team can give you a hand.