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Madison Heights Geography and Pests

Madison Heights LogoAs a small suburb of Detroit, the city of Madison Heights, Michigan occupies just over seven square miles of land in southeastern Michigan. It has a high population density with over four thousand people in each square mile, and is therefore mostly developed.

Consisting largely of residential communities and commercial land, Madison Heights nonetheless has its share of green areas. It is bounded by Interstate 75 on the west and rests atop Interstate 696 in the south. Dequindre Road creates the eastern boundary and makes Madison Heights a tall rectangular community.

In addition to the developed areas, Madison Heights also boasts a slim strip of nature at the Red Oaks County Park. Here, visitors can meander along nature filled trails and possibly encounter some native Michigan wildlife. There is even a waterpark for the less nature inclined.

Whether you are in the developed commercial part of town or out in nature, Madison Heights has a few residents about which you should be aware. Like many places, this area experiences problems with common household pests. Beware of colonies of ants, which may establish themselves inside your home. When you see lines of these tiny pests marching through your house, don’t hesitate to call us so that we can promptly send out our local Madison Heights exterminator.

Madison Heights History and Pests

Madison Heights is a relatively young community. While there have, of course, been European settlements in this area for many generations, and Native American settlements before that even, this community has only existed independently since 1955. Prior to this, Madison Heights was a part of neighboring communities.

The road to independence, however, was a long one and began many decades before. The area was known as “tent city” in those days because many welfare recipients lived there in tents. Already, just after the turn of the century, a special school district was created in the area. It was named the Madison School District in honor of President James Madison. By the time of the depression, the area was forming its own unique identity and the community began to be known as Madison Heights.

These days the tent cities are mostly gone. However, whether in a tent or in a home, the household pests common to Madison Heights may be a problem for residents. Like many highly populated areas, residents could have a problem with mice in their homes. Once inside, mice can reproduce very quickly. As soon as you notice signs of mice in your home, contact us and we will have our Madison Heights pest control team come out.

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