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Patrick M.-Milford Michigan
– April 15, 2017
We have used Proof for 1 year now and have seen no bug in the house, Bees were well controlled as well.


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Milford Geography and Pests

Milford Welcome SignMilford is a village within Milford Township in Oakland County, Michigan. The village is 2.52 square miles in area. The village is about 30 miles northwest of Detroit.

Upper Mill Pond, Lower Mill Pond, and Hubbell Pond provide water but they also generate mosquitos. These pests can carry deadly diseases in addition to being a nuisance at outdoor events. As a local Milford pest control company, we can help rid your home and yard of mosquitos so you can enjoy the outdoors again.

As the days in Milford grow cooler, mice begin to look for warm places to shelter and reproduce. They can squeeze into your home through the tiniest of openings, and once they’re inside, they definitely don’t want to leave. Our professional Milford exterminators can get rid of them and keep them from coming back.

Milford History and Pests

In 1832, a sawmill was built in what is now Milford by Stanley and Elizur Ruggles. At the time, the spot where the mill was built was in Milford Township, but the village was organized in 1834. A gristmill was built that year, and the first post office was added the following year.

Power was needed to run the grist mill, so the Lower Mill Pond was created in 1836. In 1845, the Upper Mill Pond was created, followed by the Hubbell Pond in 1911 which supplied the village with electricity.

In 1939, a carburetor plant and hydroelectric stations were built by Henry Ford so that residents could continue farming even while they worked in the automobile factories.

Many homes in the area are plagued by carpenter ants which like to chew old or damp wood. You may see them outside near wooden decks or patios, or inside in the kitchen or bathroom.

Boxelder bugs are also common in the area. These bugs can be recognized by their distinctive yellow and red markings, and the unsightly red stain they leave when they are squished. They can swarm your home in large numbers, disappear, and quickly reappear a short time later. They’re very strong and can force their way into your home through the window seals.

We are a local Milford exterminators with experience in dealing with common pests, including mosquitos, mice, carpenter ants, boxelder bugs and many more. We can usually dispatch an expert technician to your home or place of business within one business day.