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Mount Clemens Geography and Pests

Mt Clemens Welcome SignMount Clemens, Michigan might be small, but this diminutive town has some very special features. Deep in the ground around Mount Clemens, the waters of the Michigan Basin are famous. This town has been known as Bath City, USA for decades thanks to its healing mineral waters.

Forming the mineral waters beneath Mount Clemens was a long process. Over hundreds of millions of years, a shallow sea was formed. This sea became the Michigan Basin and it collected a variety of sediments and minerals from the surrounding areas. However, as the water began to disappear, these minerals were left behind. As they compacted, they created a brine of 34 minerals. Later, when ground waters developed, the waters were rich with minerals. Thus, Mount Clemens became the source of some of the nation’s most famous mineral baths.

Of course, there are other things in the ground here as well. Some of these things are rather less pleasant than a mineral bath. For example, ants can be a problem for Mount Clemens residents. Citronella ants, who generally prefer to live in dirt outside, can often make their way inside and become a problem in your home. When these or other household pests become a problem, contact us and we will send our Mount Clemens exterminator right away.

Mount Clemens History and Pests

Much of the history of Mount Clemens revolves around the famous mineral baths. There are many tales about how these baths were first discovered. In one version, an old horse was put to pasture. The horse spent all of his days around a leaky water tank. Suddenly the horse seemed young again. The owners examined the situation and realized it was the water.

Other stories claim that a man named Dorr Kellogg came to the area in 1870. Kellogg suffered from eczema and took to the waters in order to soothe his skin. However, beyond soothing, Kellogg realized after a period of time that he was, in fact, cured.

Whether the discovery of the mineral waters can be attributed to a horse or to a man, the popularity of the Mount Clemens mineral baths can’t be denied. People flocked from around the country to visit these healing waters. The crowds included many celebrities, such as Mae West, Henry Ford and Clark Gable.

Unfortunately, bath seekers aren’t the only things flocking to Mount Clemens. Like many places, Mount Clemens also has a problem with common household pests. Residents may notice issues with spiders, mice or roaches in their homes. When this happens, we can send our Mount Clemens pest control team over to resolve your issue.


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