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New Hudson, MI, Geography, and Pests

Historic Downtown New HudsonNew Hudson is an unincorporated community, located within the Lyon Charter Township in the state of Michigan. It is located just off I-96 and falls within the Detroit, Michigan metropolitan area. The community was established on over 40 acres of land and is surrounded by rich agricultural soil.

There are over 2,400 households in this area, set in the midst of lush greenery. Since the area abounds in trees and thick forestation, residents face many pest problems throughout the year. These pests invade homes and commercial spaces and can carry parasites and serious infections with them wherever they go.

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New Hudson, MI, History, and Pests

The first settlers that arrived in New Hudson were Daniel Richards and Russell Alvord. They came in 1830 and bought 40 acres of land to set up a village. They then laid out the village in 1837. Daniel built the first log house in this area in 1832 while Lansing Smith built the first brick house in 1853.

Dr. John Curtis was the first to set up a store in the village. He dispensed his goods from a small log building constructed on the site. New Hudson, MI had its first post office in 1834, and Dr. John Curtis was assigned the role of postmaster.

Russell Alvord also erected a tavern in the village in 1831. It was named the ‘Old Tavern’ and was later purchased by a man named Heman Smith. Smith built a ballroom, creating an extravagant addition to the town, but sold it after a few years.

Apart from the tavern, the post office, and the general store, there was also a school that was set up in the old district no. 6. As the years passed by, many other individuals set up businesses and the population grew. There was a blacksmith’s shop, a harness shop, and two churches—one Universalist and the other Methodist Episcopal.

The village flourished as the decades passed by. It has now become a wonderful place to live with great sports, education and recreational facilities. This community is also home to the Oakland/Southwest Airport. It’s a first-class airport that caters to the aviation needs of people traveling to and from this part of town.

Like most neighboring towns in and around New, Hudson, MI, this community has its own share of pest related problems. Residents have to deal with mice, ants, roaches, and box elder bugs invading their living spaces.

  • Ants, particularly black carpenter ants, tear down damp wooden structures by chewing on the wood with their mandibles. These ants thrive in places that have a lot of damp or rotting wood. They can destroy the structure of old wooden homes.
  • Mice are carriers of deadly diseases like Murine Typhus, Rat Bite Fever, Plague, and Leptospirosis. These diseases can lead to death in the elderly and infirm. It’s thus important to hire professional exterminators in New, Hudson MI to get rid of pesky rodents.
  • Roaches carry salmonella bacteria that’s known to cause food poisoning in humans. The bacteria can also cause typhoid and paratyphoid fever. Residents must treat all indoor and outdoor areas of the home to prevent roaches from contaminating surfaces in their homes.
  • Box elder bugs don’t infect humans, but they do congregate in large numbers. They can force their way into homes looking for a place to overwinter.

As local pest control specialists in New Hudson, MI, we know how to treat all manner of pests in the area. We have the latest pet and child-friendly solutions to get rid of dangerous critters from your surroundings.