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Sergio F.-Orion Michigan
– April 13, 2017
Scott Zalewski was very efficient and professional with the service he provided.
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Michael G.-Orion Michigan
– April 3, 2017
so far so good . . . it’s been worth the investment.


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Orion, MI Geography and Pests

Orion Township SealOrion is a charter township located in Oakland County in the state of Michigan. It’s spread over an area of 35.9 square miles and is located between Flint and Detroit in Michigan. This township is home to more than 33,400 people and has three unincorporated communities. Lake Orion is an unincorporated community located within the township. It once served as a resort town and an amusement destination. In the past, the townspeople also developed a park, called Green’s Park, along Lake Orion.

Orion Township is known for its natural surroundings. It is full of beautiful lakes and parks. Residents of the area have the opportunity to live in wonderful lakefront homes and engage in several water-based activities like fishing, swimming, and boating. Locals and visitors can also enjoy biking, hiking, cross-country skiing, and wildlife viewing. The township offers a relaxed lifestyle with plenty of recreational offerings. If there’s one thing that needs to be taken care of here, it’s the growing pest population.

Exterminators in Orion, MI often have to treat both indoor and outdoor areas, especially homes or businesses around parks and lakes, because that’s exactly where critters tend to hide.

The History of Orion, MI

The history of the area dates back to the early 1800s. Among the earliest settlers who arrived in the Lake Orion Village were Judah Church and Samuel Munson. The settlement soon became an important place of commerce. They had their own sawmill, tavern, school, post office, general store, blacksmith’s shop, and cemetery.

Towards the 1870s, the railway line finally reached Lake Orion. It connected passengers from the city to the village. Soon the popularity of this lakeside destination grew, and it became an excellent retreat for those who wanted a break from busy city life. To make the most of the tourism sector, several prominent citizens worked together to create the Orion Park Association. They built a recreational center on the lake and operated a steam-powered boat to transport people to Park Island. There still is a swimming beach on the northern end of the park.

Pests in Orion, MI

Our team of exterminators in Orion, MI have rapid-acting treatment options to control all different kinds of pests, including mosquitoes, mice, spiders, box elder bugs and more.

  • Mosquitoes are dangerous, and their populations are hard to control. Believe it or not, they mostly feed on the nectar of flowers. Unfortunately for us, females feed on human and animal blood too, in order to get the protein they need to produce their eggs. They transmit the deadly West Nile virus as well as malaria, dengue, and encephalitis. People residing close to lakes and/or forested areas often have significant mosquito issues and might not even be able to go outside during certain times of day without getting lots of bites. We are local Orion, MI pest control specialists and we can quickly reduce mosquito populations by more than 90%, plus keep them controlled through the entire summer and early fall (mosquito season).
  • Mice do eat seeds like the common stereotype of them, but when they have the chance they can also feed on foods that are high in fats and proteins. They invade homes looking for food and dark corners to hide. They also carry parasites and can contaminate food and air with their droppings and leavings, which is why they should be eliminated as quickly as possible before a small problem with just a few mice turns into a big one with many tens or even hundreds of mice.
  • Spiders come in different sizes. While some of them are harmless others, carry poisonous venom. They use their fangs to inject venom into prey. Many people don’t consider them true pests since they help control populations of real pests, but most people also don’t like seeing spiders all around their home!
  • Box elder bugs have brightly colored red marking on their wings. While they don’t bite humans or animals, they do congregate in large numbers and they can cover whole walls of a house or entire trees in a yard. They can also force their way through window seals and inside homes.

As professional exterminators in Orion, MI, we have the right solutions for your unique pest problems and we can generally have a technician out to treat your home in 1 to 2 business days. Give us a call today to learn just what we can do for you!