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Oxford MI Geography and Pests

Oxford DowntownOxford, Michigan is a village in Oakland County, located about 40 miles from Detroit. The village is just 1.47 square miles in area, of which0.22 square miles is water. The village center area of Oxford includes a idyllic two-block stretch of restaurants, taverns, and shops. The village hosts the annual Steamback golf outing at Oxford Hills Golf Club.

Well-known people who live or have lived in Oxford include actor Brace Beemer, who played the Lone Ranger on the radio in the 1940s and early 1950s; Ralph Villes, Senior Vice President of Design at Chrysler Group; and several current and former NFL players, including Eric Ghiaciuc of the New England Patriots, Mike Lantry of the Dallas Cowboys, and Chris Gambol and Dave Rayner of the Indianapolis Colts.

During the summer, many Oxford homeowners find their homes swarmed with boxelder bugs. These pests, with their distinctive red and yellow markings, can appear suddenly in large numbers, then disappear, only to reappear without warning. We are experienced Oxford exterminators and can rid your home of these and other pests.

Mosquitos are also prevalent in summer, and can carry deadly diseases. Ridding your yard and home of these dangerous insects will keep your family safe.

Oxford History and Pests

Early in the 1800s the area around Oxford was considered to be barren swampland and unfit for agricultural purposes. Most of northeast Oakland County was ignored by settlers. In 1823 Elbridge Deming purchased public land in the area, and the first settler was Avery Brown, a wolf trapper. The area became knowns as Demingsburg and a post office was established in Deming’s home in 1834. Deming was the first postmaster, and the mail was delivered on foot from Rochester once a week. In 1839, the area was renamed Oxford.

Both antique and newly constructed homes in Oxford often have to contend with carpenter ants. These big, black ants like to chew on damp and old wood. Often found outside on decks and patios, they can also enter your home and be seen in the kitchen and bathrooms. As an Oxford pest control company, we can rid your home of carpenter ants and other pests.

When the weather cools down in the fall, many Oxford homeowners discover that mice have managed to squeeze into their homes through tiny openings. Once there, they reproduce rapidly and don’t want to leave.

As an experienced Oxford exterminator, we can control mosquitos, boxelder bugs, carpenter ants, mice, and many other local pests. We can dispatch an expert technician to your home or place of business within one business day.

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