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Pontiac Geography and Pests

Pontiac Welcome SignIn the southeastern area of Michigan, the city of Pontiac spreads over just more than 20 square miles of densely populated land. Existing within the humid continental climate zone, this urban area enjoys four beautiful seasons. In the fall, Pontiac’s many deciduous trees erupt into beautiful blazes of color. In the spring, expect to find blossoms everywhere.

Although Pontiac is a largely urban area, there are a handful of parks and green spaces throughout the city. Additionally, Pontiac sits right on the shores of several bodies of water. To the west are Sylvan and Otter Lakes. The lakes feed from the main branch of the Clinton River. The two lakes together cover 532 acres and are widely enjoyed for a variety of sports. Fishing is particularly popular here, with these lakes hosting varieties such as Northern Pike, Black Crappie, Smallmouth Bass and Walleye.

Of course, large bodies of water tend to breed things other than fish as well. Pontiac is also home to many common household pests. Particularly frustrating in this area are the mosquitos. These tiny pests require water to breed. When conditions are right, they will thrive and large clouds can descend on your home. When masses of mosquitos become a problem for you, give us a call and we will make sure our Pontiac exterminators come out right away.

Pontiac History and Pests

The city of Pontiac can be traced back to early settlements by European pioneers in the early 19th century. In 1818, settlers first arrived and began to build on the area that would become Pontiac. The villagers in the area decided to name the settlement after the famous Native American Chief Pontiac. Pontiac was a chief of the Ottawa Native American Tribe and was well known for uniting all native tribes in the eastern United States.

Pontiac was appreciated by the British because he collaborated with them in order to drive the French out of the northern territories of what would become the United States. Although his battles were ultimately lost, the British held Pontiac in great respect.

Eventually the French were indeed driven out of these territories. These days, you might find yourself wishing to drive other things out of your territories. Like many places, Pontiac is home to an abundance of household pests. You may find yourself with an infestation of spiders, roaches or mice. In these situations, just give us, your local Pontiac pest control specialists, a call and we will resolve your issue.

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