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Keith K.-Rochester Hills Michigan
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Your technician was knowledgeable, personable, and efficient.
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Julia W.-Rochester Hills Michigan
– April 12, 2017
I had very prompt service and Jon was very knowledgeable and educated in how to treat the ants.


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Rochester Hills, MI, Geography, and Pests

Rochester Hills Welcome SignRochester Hills is located in the east-central portion of Oakland County in the state of Michigan. This city falls within the northern suburbs of the Detroit Metropolitan Area. It’s spread across a total area of 32.91 square miles out which 0.09 square miles is water. The remaining 32.82 square miles is land. Over 70,995 people call Rochester Hills home.

The city has many recreational offerings like bicycling, boating, fishing, and golfing. There are more than 10 beautiful parks here, complete with nature trails, ponds, and picnic areas. Since the area abounds in parklands, it also serves as a good habitat for pests like carpenter ants, wasps, roaches and mosquitoes. As experienced pest control specialists in Rochester Hills, MI, we know just how to treat these pests and any others you might see. Call us today and learn just what we can do for you!

Some of the most frequented parks in this city include Spencer, Bloomer, and Borden Park. Bloomer Park has an excellent sledding hill and a velodrome, or bicycle oval track. This velodrome is one-of-a-kind in North America and is open for use when the track is dry. Earl E. Borden Park has 5 full sized soccer fields along with other sporting facilities. These parks serve as venues for many annual events, and they offer residents several environmental education opportunities as well.

Rochester Hills, MI History, and Pests

Before European settlers moved to the Rochester Hills area, the Pottawatomi, native American people inhabited the land. They resided in the area until 1807. That’s when the Treaty of Detroit was signed. The first European settler named James Graham reached the Rochester area in 1817 after following trails that were once created by the Sauk group of Native Americans.

The present City of Rochester was formerly known as Avon Charter Township. Voters approved of the name Rochester Hills because of the region’s historical connection with Rochester and the hills that abound in the area.

The residents of the Rochester Hills are educated, and they’re proud of their homes and community. Numerous companies have established their headquarters in this city. These companies belong to a broad range of industries including computer technology, precision machine tool fabrication, plastic injection molding and more.

Some of the most commonly seen pests in the Rochester Hills area include wasps and bees, ants, and roaches.

  • Wasps and Bees: Bees pollinate crops and plants, so they’re not considered pests. Africanized honey bees may have to be professionally removed if they don’t relocate on their own. They’re much more than regular honey bees and may sting en masse if they feel threatened. Another pest to be wary of is yellow jacket wasps. They can build their nests anywhere from in the ground to up in eaves and rafters, and they aggressively defend their nests from predators.
  • Carpenter Ants and Other Ants: There are many different species of ants but the two most common ones that can become problems are carpenter ants and pavement ants. Carpenter ants don’t actually eat wood but they chew it and make their nests in it. Over time they can cause significant damage. Pavement ants generally come into houses through cracks in the foundation.
  • Cockroaches: Roaches carry many bacteria and viruses, and they look for unhygienic or dark places to hide. Wood roaches prefer living around wood so they’re often brought into houses with firewood.

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