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Common Pest Issues We Treat in Romulus

Carpenter Bees

Carpenter bees are a frequent pest on home exteriors in Romulus neighborhoods.

These interesting bees drill tunnels into wood to live in and raise their young. Some common places we see them on Romulus houses are eaves, window trim, facia boards, decks and outdoor furniture.

Unlike most other true bee species, which live in social groups, carpenter bees are solitary and live on their own or with their mate. Female carpenter bees are responsible for boring their nest tunnel into wood, or finding an old tunnel they can expand on, while male carpenter bees are responsible for guarding the nest.

In addition to the structural damage that carpet bee tunnels cause over time, they also attract woodpeckers who bore into the tunnels in search of the developing bee larvae and cause additional wood damage.


German cockroaches are the most common cockroach species in Michigan, and an unwanted pest throughout the state including both homes and businesses in Romulus.

German roaches are smaller than native wood roaches and prefer to live indoors. Because they are protected from the weather during the winter, they are active all year.

If conditions are to their liking, meaning plenty of available food, water and shelter, these roaches can explode in numbers and infest whole large buildings (apartments, skyscrapers, etc.)!

We offer multiple Roach Control services to take care of these annoying pests:

1. Take care of an existing roach problem with our 2-treatment service. This service includes a 30 day guarantee after the second treatment is performed.

2. For long term peace of mind, we offer an ongoing, seasonal Roach Control service. If you see activity during scheduled treatments on this plan, simply let us know and we’ll send out a technician for free!

Other Pests

Warm-weather pests in Romulus include mosquitoes and ants, while box elder bugs and wasps are common pests in the early fall. Earwigs and spiders are common indoor pests year-round.

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“Application person worked quickly.Everything done as expected.”
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“Service was courteous, prompt, and reliable. Carpenter bees disappeared immediately and a month later, are still gone.”
John K.
– Ann Arbor, MI
“Very professional and knowledgeable.”

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About Romulus, MI

Romulus is a fast-growing city located south of Detroit. It’s currently home to about 25,000 residents, and it covers about 35 square miles.

Romulus is home to a number of large businesses, including a General Motors plant and the Detroit Metro Airport.

Romulus is an old city dating back to the early 1800s. There were even two stops in Romulus on the Underground Railroad, the Samuel Kingsley Home and the The White Church. Both structures are still standing today!

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