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Salem Geography and Pests

Salem Welcome SignJust outside the hustle and bustle of southeastern Michigan’s major urban centers, Salem, Michigan is 34 square miles of rural peace. This quiet town enjoys a population density of only 160 people per square mile.

Within Salem Township there is one unincorporated community, also called Salem. This small rural village is the main hub for life in the area and is conveniently located along 6 Mile Road. The remainder of the township is largely undeveloped, with the exception of a handful of rolling green golf courses. It is mostly flat and open land and also includes some wetland areas, particular around Johnson’s Creek.

The town of Salem paints a quaint picture of small town life. Along the main thoroughfare of 6 Mile Road, you can find the Village Green, which features a charming park and gazebo, as well as a church, residences and other elements of a traditional small town.

Of course, in addition to these things, you can also find the usual assortment of household pests in Salem. As this is a highly rural area, residents may experience a few pests in particular. Many pests prefer wooded areas, for example. The wood roach is one such pest and often makes its way into your home with the firewood during the winter months. In such cases, a quick call to our Salem exterminators will resolve the issue.

Salem History and Pests

The area which would become Salem Township was first settled by Europeans in the early 18th century. By 1829, industry had made its way to the area. A saw mill and mill pond sprung up and shops, a school and churches followed closely behind.

Salem’s growth really took off with the arrival of the railroad in 1873. The Detroit and Howell Railroad Company built their line through Salem Township and the little village expanded rapidly as more and more people visited during stops. However, with the rise of the automobile after the turn of the century, Salem fell once again into quiet.

The trains may not be bringing many travelers to Salem these days but residents may still see trains of a different kind in their home. Trails of ants may become a problem for some residents. Carpenter ants, which prefer to live in wood, may be especially problematic. Although they do not eat wood, like termites do, they still chew the wood and can cause serious structural damage. If you notice a problem with ants or other household pests, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us, your trusted Salem pest control team, so that we can quickly fix your issue!

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