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Saline Geography and Pests

Saline Welcome SignSaline is a city in Washtenaw County, Michigan. The city covers 4.33 square miles in area, of which 0.07 square miles is water. It is less than 10 miles from Ann Arbor, home of the University of Michigan. In fact, many of the residents of Saline are employed by the University.

Saline has very unpredictable weather because of its proximity to the Great Lakes. The temperatures in the summer average between 70oF and 85oF but can be as high as 105oF. Winter temperatures can fall as low as -29oF, although they average between 15oF and 30oF. The area experiences some extreme weather, particularly in winter, which can include thunderstorms, hail, snowstorms, and tornados. The ‘lake effect’ snow, which can result in large accumulations, is more prominent on the western side of the state near Lake Michigan, but does generate some snow in Saline and the surrounding area.

The proximity of Saline to the Great Lakes also brings an influx of mosquitos in the summertime. These pests are more than simply a nuisance, as they can carry deadly diseases. A Saline pest control company can treat your home and yard for mosquitos and other pests. Seeing any mosquito activity? Give us a call today and ask about our 5-treatment plan for mosquitoes and ticks.

Carpenter ants are also common in Saline. These ants are large and black in color, and are often found near wooden decks and patios. If they enter your home, they tend to be found in the kitchen or bathrooms. They don’t eat wood like termites do, but they will chew on it, which can cause both visible damage and structural weakness over time.

Saline History and Pests

Prior to the 1700s, Native Americans hunted in the area that is now Saline, and gathered salt from the salt springs. Saline was named by French explorers who arrived in the 1700s by canoe and harvested salt from the river. They named the river Saline, after the French word for ‘salty.’ In the 1800s English and German settles arrived. Orange Risdon, considered the founder of the city, was a government surveyor. The city was established in 1832 as a village. In 1931, it became the City of Saline.

Saline is a sister city to Brecon, Wales, United Kingdom, as well as Lindenberg im Alugau, Germany. Each year in July, residents from these cities come to Saline for the Celtic Festival, which also draws attendees from all over the United States. The festival includes Celtic music and dance; field events like jousting, sheepherding, and Irish football; and events for the ‘wee folks’ like crafts, races, and storytelling.

Notable people who lived in Saline include Lisa Bonder, a professional tennis player who was once married to Kirk Kerkorian for a month, a union which led to a highly publicized divorce; Bryan Thao Worra, a Laotian American Writer known for On The Other Side of the Eye, Winter Ink and other works of science fiction; and major league baseball player Brandon Inge.

Both older homes and new construction projects in Saline may find themselves at risk infestation by mice, especially as the weather begins to cool off in the fall. Squeezing in through the tiniest of openings, mice look for a warm place to spend the winter. Once they’re inside they can quickly turn into an infestation if not treated right away. A Saline pest control company call get rid of the mice in your house, and help you keep them away.

As a local company serving Saline, we are familiar with mosquitos, carpenter ants, boxelder bugs, mice, and other common local pests, and we know the best ways to treat them quickly and effectively. Simply give us a call and we’ll be happy to walk you through our service options and help you select the perfect solution to get rid of your pests.