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4.5 out of 5 stars
Brad S.-Novi Massachusetts
– April 19, 2017
I was not home when Scott came out, but my wife was very happy with the work he performed. She said he was a nice guy and did a very thorough job. I called your company after reading the numerous positive comments on your website, and at this point we are very satisfied with the work performed.


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Shelby Charter Township Geography and Pests

Shelby Township Welcome SignShelby Charter Township in Macomb County, Michigan, is a suburb located about 15 miles north of Detroit. The township is 35.2 square miles in area. One-half square mile is water.

Part of Stony Creek Metropark is located in Shelby Charter Township. The park includes a nature center, golf courses, picnic areas, two beaches, a boat launch, and more.

Residents of Shelby Charter Township enjoy a variety of outdoor activities. In summer, mosquitos can interfere with their ability to enjoy the recreational opportunities in the area. While many people consider these bugs simply pests, the fact is they may also be carriers of potentially dangerous diseases. As a Shelby Charter Township pest control company, we can combat the mosquitos in your yard so you can enjoy outdoor activities again.

Boxelder bugs are another annoying summertime pest. These insects can swarm your home in large numbers, then suddenly disappear, only to reappear a short time later. They are very strong and can force their way into your home through the window seals.

Shelby Charter Township History and Pests

Shelby Charter Township organized its first civil government in 1828. At that time it included what is now Sterling Heights. However, that area was set off from Shelby Charter Township in 1835 and was known then as Jefferson Township. Also within Shelby Charter Township at the time was the village of Disco which was settled in 1849. The village of Disco is now all but forgotten, now appearing only on old maps of county roads.

Notable people who live or have lived in Shelby Charter Township include professional poker player Joe Cada, NFL cornerback Dave Whitsell, and John Mazza, an eight-time titlist on the Professional Bowler’s Association tour.

Carpenter ants are an annoyance to many homeowners in Shelby Charter Township. These big, black ants like to chew on old or damp wood, so they are often seen on outdoor decks or wooden patios. If they get inside your home, you’ll likely find them in the bathrooms and kitchen.

As the weather turns cooler, the mice of Shelby Charter Township often seek out warmer places in which to shelter and reproduce. Once they get into your home, by squeezing through the smallest of openings, they don’t want to leave. We are an experienced Shelby Charter Township exterminator and can rid your home of mice and keep them from coming back.

We are experienced in controlling mosquitos, boxelder bugs, carpenter ants, mice, and many other common pests. We can dispatch an expert technician to your home or place of business within one business day.