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South Lyon Geography and Pests

South Lyon Welcome SignNestled into the southwest corner of the neighboring township, South Lyon is one of Michigan’s quaint tiny towns. Split neatly into a quadrant by the intersecting roads of Lake Street and Lafayette Street, South Lyon is a mere 3.73 square miles.

Despite its incredibly small size, however, South Lyon has a lot of nature to offer. With over 200 acres of parks, visitors and residents won’t need to go far to explore South Lyon’s natural features. For example, McHattie Park is a beautiful space for everyone to enjoy right in the heart of town. The park features 15 acres of entertainment, from baseball diamonds to sledding hills and plenty of green open spaces. If that isn’t big enough to fill your nature cravings, Volunteer Park offers 130 acres of every type of outdoor space and activity imaginable!

In addition to green spaces, South Lyon also has a few water features. Nichwagh Lake is the most notable. There is also Lyon Lake and a spattering of smaller local ponds. The town sits at a fairly low elevation, of only 928 feet above sea level, and experiences four beautiful seasons each year.

However, with beautiful green spaces, water features and lovely variable seasons comes a down side. These conditions also mean that South Lyon is home to a wide selection of household pests. For example, in the summer, residents may have issues with bees and other stinging insects as they flourish with the spring flowers. Many of them, such as yellow jackets, paper wasps and carpenter bees, like to make their nests in or around your home. They can be very aggressive when defending their homes. If you notice a problem with these or other pests in your home, it is best to involve a local South Lyon exterminator. We’ve had plenty of experience with these insects around town and can quickly take care of them (or any other pest you’re seeing) for you.

South Lyon History and Pests

The origins of South Lyon lie in the railroad industry. It was founded in 1832 but current residents might not have recognized their town if they were to hear of it back then. Originally, South Lyon was called Thompson’s Corners. The original settlements were constructed in the area that is now the intersection of our local business district. The settlement grew from there, but didn’t achieve full incorporation as a village until 1873 and as a city in 1930.

Although our town did well in the agriculture industries, most of South Lyon’s growth and industry came from the railroad. Three separate rail companies had lines running through tiny South Lyon in the late 19th century. As a central point midway on the lines between two major hubs, Detroit and Lansing, South Lyon benefited greatly from these lines and workers and travelers would stop off along the way and spend money.

These days, however, South Lyon’s rail history is more for show than service. You can still enjoy reminders of the role of the railroads in our town’s development by visiting an old Chesapeake & Ohoa caboose in Historical Park. You can also visit the old Witch’s Hat Train Depot in Historical Park as well.

Unfortunately, rail cars aren’t the only train of things that might be marching through South Lyon. Residents may have issues with trains of ants making their way through their homes! Pavement ants and Argentine ants generally keep to the outdoors, but residents may find lines of acrobat ants in their homes. These tiny critters enjoy making their homes in your old, rotted wood and can really make a stink if disturbed! You might also have trouble with colonies of citronella ants. These too have a distinctive odor and like to make their homes in your kitchen or bathrooms. If you find any unwelcome trains in your home, a quick call to your local South Lyon pest control specialist proof. Pest Control will put things right.