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Common Pest Issues We Treat in Southfield

Carpenter Ants

Because the Carpenter Lake Nature Preserve is filled with woodlands, wetlands, and meadows, carpenter ants are common in the surrounding Southfield homes. This area is filled with plentiful damp and aged wood, which is the perfect material for carpenter ants to build their nests in.

In nature, carpenter ants build their nests in various wood sources, including tree stumps, firewood or landscaping. They also need a constant water source to survive. A house gives them all the wood they could dream of, and multiple water sources to pick from.

Carpenter ants will enter houses through wet, damaged wood. If they set up a nest in a home, they can ultimately pose a property threat because their nest-building activities can damage a home’s wooden structure over time.

Yellow Jackets

In the residential areas of Southfield, yellow jackets can be a problem during the summer and early fall. They like houses because they provide convenient places to build their nests in.

The most common location for these nests is on a vertical section of drywall under the attic insulation. The workers chew up the drywall and mix it with saliva to make a paper-like product used to build the nest.

Yellow jackets are aggressive defenders of their colony and will sting if they feel threatened. They are capable of delivering multiple, painful stings.

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Other Pests

Several other stinging pests we see often see in Southfield are bald-faced hornets and paper wasps.

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About Southfield, MI

Southfield is a northern suburb of Detroit with more than 70,000 residents.

Part of Metro Detroit’s upscale office region, the city is known for its cluster of five golden skyscrapers, called the “Golden Triangle”.

The City of Southfield is a diverse and modern city that offers a wide variety of well-maintained homes and neighborhoods.

It also has more than 27 million square feet of office space and over 7 million square feet of retail and industrial space, making it a top regional business center.

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