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Felicia M.-Southfield Michigan
– April 19, 2017
Jon cracked me up! He kept the visit light and humorous. Thank you for being able to come out on such short notice!


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Southfield Geography and Pests

Southfield Welcome SignJust outside of Detroit, you will find Southfield, Michigan. Covering a territory of more than 26 square miles, this thriving suburb has plenty to offer. Nestled throughout the residential and business development are an abundance of parks and other features.

Running through Southfield is the main branch of the River Rouge. Although once a source of concern for massive pollution, these days this urban river is increasingly clean and makes for a pleasant addition to Southfield. In addition, Southfield is home to the Carpenter Lake Nature Preserve. Across 42 acres of woodlands, wetlands and meadows, visitors can appreciate Michigan’s abundant natural wildlife. If that isn’t enough, Southfield boasts more than 15 other parks and nature preserves in which visitors can explore the unique natural and geographic features of the area.

However, nature has its drawbacks as well! In addition to beautiful flora and fauna, Southfield also has many resident pests. Southfield experiences a warm and humid summer and with that comes a host of summer pests. For example, residents should be cautious of stinging pests. Bees, yellow jackets, wasps and hornets may make your home their own. Yellow jackets, in particular, like to make their nests in and around residential porches. If you find your home is hosting a family of yellow jackets, it is best to contact one of our Southfield exterminators quickly.

Southfield History and Pests

Originally, the area of Southfield was home to a Native American village. Called Teuch-so-Gion-die, the tribe which lived here has unfortunately faded away and is no longer known. Fighting between the varied other tribes in the region is thought to have scattered those who lived in what would become Southfield.

Later, In 1823, John Daniels first made Southfield his home and became the first European settler. Shortly thereafter, half a dozen other families joined him. It wasn’t long before more and more settlers were arriving, some from nearby and others from as far away as Vermont.

In the early days, Southfield was largely an agricultural area. But as the city expanded, so too did its horizons. Today, Southfield is a highly regarded hub for business and commerce. But despite its great advances, Southfield does still suffer from one unfortunate feature. Like most places, Southfield is home to a variety of household pests. You may find your home unfortunately occupied by mice, spiders, or even roaches. In these cases, contact one of our local Southfield pest control specialists and they can quickly resolve your issue.