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Common Pest Issues We Treat in Superior Twp

House Mice

The combination of open fields and residential developments makes Superior Twp a hotbed for mice activity.

While they originally lived outdoors in open areas like fields and plains, house mice now prefer to live indoors along with humans (or domesticated animals like chickens) if they can get inside.

Mice are considered pests because they spread diseases, contaminate food, damage property and quickly reproduce if not stopped.

Most of the calls for mice we get from residents in Superior take place later in the fall or over the winter, but mice are active year-round.

We can quickly treat existing mouse infestations in your home, and we also offer longer-term service plans if you’d like to keep mice and other pests away year-round. Give us a call today and one of our friendly service experts can walk you through your different options!


Cat fleas are a common pest in Superior Twp, like they are in most other areas with pets or wildlife.

While their name suggests they mainly feed on cats, that’s actually not true. Cat fleas will feed on most mammals, including dogs, raccoons, skunks, rodents and more. They’ll also readily feed on humans.

Like other fleas, cat fleas have a unique anatomy designed for moving rapidly between hair follicles – they are very narrow when from directly from above or beneath. Their powerful rear legs also allow them to jump extremely high compared to their small size.

We offer a dedicated Flea Control service that effectively treats them with 2 separate service visits 14 days apart. The first visit takes care of immature and adult fleas, and the second visit takes care of fleas that have hatched after the first one.

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Other Pests

Roaches and spiders are a few other pests we see year-round in Superior Twp.

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“Very good.”
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“From the first knock on my door yesterday to the end of the service today I have been very impressed with the professionalism of both gentleman I have worked with. I am very likely to recommend your company to my friends and neighbors.”
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“Communication was wonderful. The technician contacted me prior to service to confirm the location of the problem. He was courteous and respectful. I will use them again.”

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About Superior Twp, MI

Superior Twp is a charter township in Michigan’s Washtenaw County.

Superior encompasses more than 35 square miles, most of which is either rolling farmlands or residential developments.

With a relatively low population density of 370 people per square mile, things are a little slower in Superior Twp.

Residents and visitors alike can enjoy a break from the nearby high population centers and will appreciate the slower pace of a rural community.

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