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Superior Charter Township Geography and Pests

Superior Township Town HallIn Washtenaw County you will find a fertile stretch of land that goes by the name of Superior Township. Here you will find just under 36 square miles of pleasant residential developments and rolling rural farmlands. You will also find things are a little quieter than the surrounding cities.

Superior Township has one of the lower population densities in southeast Michigan, with only 370 people per square mile. It includes two unincorporated communities: Dixboro and Frainslake. These quiet communities are mostly farming towns. Frains Lake also features a small lake of the same name.

Residents and visitors alike will enjoy the break from the nearby high population centers and will appreciate that slower pace of this rural community. However, with agriculture there also come a few drawbacks. Residents may notice a few unwanted household pests. In particular, stinging pests like to be around things that grow. Bees, hornets, wasps and yellow jackets may build their nests around your home. Some, when provoked, can become quite aggressive.

If you notice an issue with these or other household pests, it is best to involve our Superior Township exterminators right away.

Superior Charter Township History and Pests

European settlers first began to arrive in the area of Superior Township in the 1820s. These settlers were farmers searching for tracts of fertile land on which to make their living. From this early start, Superior has continued as a farming community until today.

Within our township are two thriving communities. In 1824, a retired ship captain named John Dix purchased the land which we would later know as Dixboro. Dix began to develop the land, adding to his home a barn, a sawmill and a gristmill. He later expanded, naming the village after himself and adding more mills, several taverns, a general store, a post office, a blacksmith and a cooperage.

Not too far away, in 1835, a man named Michael Frain arrived from New York and purchased the land which would become Frains Lake. This community also grew, as settlers added stores, a post office, and a schoolhouse. By the turn of the century and the Jazz Age, the community included restaurants and gas stations. However, these days Frains Lake has grown into a more peaceful and private community.

But the European settlers aren’t the only ones who had busy plans for these communities. A number of pests have long been hard at work here in Superior Township. For example, you may find your home hosting a colony of unwanted carpenter ants. These ants like to chew on wood and may cause structural damage to your property.

If you notice a problem in your home, don’t hesitate to contact us, your local Superior Township pest control team, for help. We can have our team there right away to resolve your issue.

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