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Common Pest Issues We Treat in Van Buren Twp

Bald-Faced Hornets

Bald-faced hornets, common in both rural and urban areas of Van Buren Twp, make their homes primarily in trees. Like other social wasp species, they make paper-like nests out of wood fibers and saliva.

However, unlike paper wasp nests, bald-faced hornet nests can grow to extreme sizes, sometimes becoming much larger than a football.

Bald-faced hornets themselves are much larger than other common social wasps like yellow jackets or paper wasps, so they will actually hunt them down and eat them!

Most bald-faced hornet activity takes place in late summer and early fall when nests are at their largest size. Over the winter, the workers die off and the queens hibernate until spring.

Indian Meal Moths

This insect is a common kitchen pest that infests grains and products made from grains like cereals.

The adult moth is about one half of an inch long with reddish-brown wingtips. Female moths lay 100 to 300 eggs on food material which hatch into voracious tiny caterpillars.

The caterpillars are when these moths cause their damage, since they are ravenous eaters and they also contaminate food they don’t eat with a sort of web they leave behind. When mature, the caterpillars are about half an inch long and may have a greenish or pinkish hue.

Indian meal moths are active year-round, but they are able to reproduce the quickest during the summer when weather is warmer so that is when we get more calls about them.

Other Pests

Earwigs, centipedes and spiders are all common indoor pests that can pop up all year round in Van Buren.

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About Van Buren Twp, MI

Southwest of Detroit, you will find a quiet, green area known as Van Buren Charter Township. Within its 35.8 square mile radius, you won’t find the same bustling urban atmosphere that exists in many nearby communities.

Instead, you will find a charming, almost rural community with fewer people and more nature. In the center of the township is Belleville Lake, which spreads across the width of the whole township. Interestingly, the city of Belleville itself is completely surrounded by Van Buren Twp.

The township includes many fun outdoor activities for residents to do. The Lower Huron Metropark has 1,256 acres of mature woodlands, grassy meadows, and the scenic Huron River. You can fish or canoe along the river or use the sports courts.

The Lower Huron Metropark is also home to the Turtle Cove Family Aquatic Center where you can race down water slides or coast along the lazy river.

While Van Buren Twp may be crawling with sun and lake seekers these days, it is also crawling with other things including pests.

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