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Van Buren Charter Township Geography and Pests

Van Buren Welcome SignIn Wayne County in southeastern Michigan, you will find a quiet, green area known as Van Buren Charter Township. Within its thirty-six square miles, you won’t find the same bustling urban atmosphere that exists in many nearby communities. Instead, you will find a charming, almost rural community with fewer people, but more nature.

Van Buren Township has a low population density. At only 810 people per square mile, this area is far quieter than most nearby communities, which have thousands of people per square mile. Instead, you will find tree lined residential areas, a small commercial airline and a beautiful lake.

The entire midsection of Van Buren Township is occupied by Belleville Lake. Spreading across more than twelve hundred acres, this man-made lake provides plenty of recreation. Residents and visitors alike enjoy its beaches, boating opportunities and fishing.

Of course, fish must feed on something and often their meal of choice is insects. Van Buren residents may notice these insects in their homes as well. For example, residents may experience problems with crickets in their homes. While crickets make a great bait for fishing, they are less pleasant when invading your home. When this gets to be a problem, give as a call and we will send out our local Van Buren Township exterminator to resolve the issue.

Van Buren Charter Township History and Pests

The area now known as Van Buren Township has been occupied by European settlers since the very beginning of the 19th century. Henry Snow arrived in this area and dubbed his new home “Snow’s Landing”. The area became a part of various communities and in 1835 it separated from nearby Huron Township to create its own community.

Van Buren’s future growth can be attributed to a few factors. First, there was the railroad, bringing new people to the area regularly. Second, the area thrived during World War II as all of the local communities participated in the production of bombers. But finally, with the creation of Belleville Lake in 1926, the community really took off. People flocked from all over to enjoy the beautiful shores or to construct their perfect lake homes.

While Van Buren Township may be crawling with sun and lake seekers these days, it is also crawling with other things. Like many places, Van Buren Township is home to many household pests. Particularly in the summer months, residents may notice problems with mosquitos, bees, hornets and other stinging pests. These pests can be dangerous to your health. Before this becomes a problem, call us and we will arrange for a local Van Buren Township pest control specialist to take care of your home.

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