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Common Pest Issues We Treat in Walled Lake


Because the city is surrounded by so much water, mosquitoes are a common problem in Walled Lake. Similar to dragonflies, mosquitoes develop in water and then leave it once they become adults.

Mosquitoes can use almost any amount of stagnant water to reproduce, from large water sources like ponds and marshes to very small ones like old bird feeders or tires.

Most mosquito activity happens in the morning or evening during the summer months.

If you’re tired of dealing with mosquitoes in your yard during the summer, give us a call today! Our Mosquito Control service effectively reduces mosquito populations around your home by more than 80%!

Pavement Ants

Also called “slab ants”, pavement ants are a common pest in Walled Lake residential neighborhoods, especially near pavement sources like driveways and foundations.

Like other Michigan ant species, pavement ants are most visible in the spring and summer when young flying pavement ants swarm after rainy days to mate, and then the young queens go off to establish new nests.

Pavement ants earned their name because they normally nest under pavement or large stones. It’s common to find their nests around both concrete foundations and brick walkways in Walled lake homes.

We are experts in treating ant infestations, so if you think you may be dealing with pavement ants, carpenter ants or any other ants, call us today for a free, custom quote!

Other Pests

Stinkbugs and boxelder bugs are common late summer and early fall pests in Walled Lake. Sometimes they even crop up during the middle of winter if we get a few warm days in a row!

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“So far was excellent thank u for ur service!!”
kathy M.
– Walled Lake, MI
“Our first service appointment went very well. The technician called before arriving which was appreciated. He was very timely. He thoroughly explained the services that would be provided. He was very knowledgeable and answered all of our questions.”
Mariam D.
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“Both experiences with the Proof Pest staff (initial set up & actual work) were very professional and friendly. I would definitely recommend Prooof Pest.”
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“Very satisfied with this first appointment. The technician, Tim, was very personable and answered all our questions. We are very happy with this treatment.”

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About Walled Lake, MI

Walled Lake is a “city within a city”, located within Commerce Township in Oakland County.

Walled Lake is a small city that only covers about 2 square miles. Most of this area consists of homes and businesses sandwiched between Wolverine Lake and the city’s namesake Walled Lake.

The city’s name comes from its original American settler, Walter Hewitt. He noticed what appeared to be a wall constructed by earlier Native Americans on the lake’s western side, so he decided to name the lake after it.

Walled Lake covers a little less than 700 square acres and has two main beaches, including one in the city of Walled Lake. It features lovely shores, beautiful sunsets and a variety of Michigan wildlife. Within the lake you will find bass, perch, bluegill, and northern pike. You will also find birds ranging from mallards and geese to loons and even the occasional bald eagle!

While all the local water makes for a beautiful natural setting and lots to do during the summer, it can also mean lots of pests. Give us a call today if you’re looking for Walled Lake pest control services for your home or business!