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Sharon A.-Walled Lake Michigan
– March 22, 2017
Our first service appointment went very well. The technician called before arriving which was appreciated. He was very timely. He thoroughly explained the services that would be provided. He was very knowledgeable and answered all of our questions.


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Walled Lake Geography and Pests

Walled Lake Welcome SignSitting just north of the lake from which it takes its name, is the city of Walled Lake, Michigan. At only 2.4 square miles, Walled Lake itself isn’t very large. It mostly consists of residential and commercial properties sandwiched between lakes.

To the north of the city of Walled Lake is Wolverine Lake. To the south is Walled Lake’s namesake. This lake stretches for 670 acres and reaches a maximum depth of 53 feet. Walled Lake is a naturally occurring lake and is spring fed with a sandy bottom. It has two beaches, one of which is right here in Walled Lake village. It features lovely shores, gorgeous sunsets and a veritable host of Michigan wildlife. Within the lake you will find bass, perch, bluegill and northern pike. You will also find birds ranging from mallards and geese to loons and even the occasional bald eagle!

Unfortunately, in the Walled Lake area, you will also find some less pleasant creatures. Homes in Walled Lake may be plagued by many different household pests. In particular, mosquitos may be an issue. Mosquitos thrive in places were there may be standing water. Lakes can be especially big sources of them. If you notice a summer time problem with mosquitos around your home, call our Walled Lake exterminators for assistance. We can quickly solve your mosquito issue.

Walled Lake History and Pests

In the summer of 1825, Walter Hewitt arrived at what we now know as Walled Lake. Hewitt was surprised to discover a stone wall bordering the lake. This wall is generally attributed to local Native American tribes living in the area but why it was built is widely debated.

Some stories allege that there were two peaceful tribes living along the shores of the lake. One of these tribes built the wall and the other tribe didn’t like it. Tensions escalated between the two tribes and the prepared to battle until one tribe backed down and fled.

Another tale tells of a tragic love in which a man fell into the lake and drowned. His beloved then begged the tribe to build a protective wall to prevent anyone else from suffering the same fate. Or, perhaps the wall was built as a memorial to her lost love.

Whatever the reason, Walled Lake owes its history to a wall. And there may be times Walled Lake residents wish to build their own wall—against household pests. Spiders, mice, roaches and ants are all common problems in area homes. If you discover a problem with these or other unwanted critters in your home, don’t hesitate to contact us. As your local Walled Lake pest control specialists, we have the experience to solve all your pest problems.