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Bonnie H.-Washington Michigan
– April 14, 2017
I really like the fact that there really is no chemical smell with your product.
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Christine A.-Washington Michigan
– April 6, 2017
Great company. Always perfect service. Very nice, very informative people every single time our house has been serviced.
5.0 out of 5 stars
Sue N.-Washington Michigan
– March 16, 2017
Excellent! Jon was very informative! He even brought up my garbage cans!!


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Washington, MI Geography, and Pests

Washington Township LogoWashington is a charter township located in the state of Michigan. Since it enjoys this special charter township status, it has been granted additional powers to protect its land from being seized by other cities and villages. Washington, MI spans an area of over 36 square miles, and it’s located towards the southeastern portion of the state.

This township is home to over 25,000 residents. There are more than 6,991 households here and more than 5,383 families.

Residents of the community have access to excellent parks, farms, orchards, golf courses, and trail systems. The township is also home to the scenic Stoney Creek Lake. Residents frequent the lake to swim, fish, and kayak.

Many people will recognize that areas with water can attract certain pests, such as mosquitoes. These midge-like flies multiply rapidly and in fact they need very little amounts of water to reproduce. They can breed in the smallest puddles of water and transmit several infections.

Other pests commonly seen in this township include Carpenter ants, box elder bugs, and mice. Carpenter ants thrive on damp wood and you might spot them in your bath or kitchen areas. You might even find them on wooden decks. Box elder bugs are black in color with red marks on their backs. They hide in cracks and crevices, sheltering themselves from the cold weather in Michigan.

Sometimes, these pests can make their way into homes or places where you would rather not have them – and you may feel it’s time to seek help from the experts. As highly trained pest control specialists in Washington, MI we can identify and eliminate all kinds of pests that inhabit areas around lakes. For your added peace of mind, we follow environmentally safe practices and we can even provide organic treatment options!

Washington, MI History, and Pests

Washington Township was organized in 1827, although the area was formerly known as Westview Orchards. This charter township has an organized government with an elected supervisor, a clerk, a treasurer, and four trustees.

Visitors to Washington, MI love touring the historic Loren Andrus Octagon House. This historical treasure dates back to 1858. That’s when Loren Andrus began constructing this amazing architectural marvel together with the help of his brother-in-law named David Stewart. The house was the venue for many social events. It was put up for sale in 1860 and was later used as a farm, an educational site as well as a restaurant. It now serves as an important historical museum, with a fascinating collection of antique furnishings on display.

Some parts of Washington, MI were destroyed in 1997 by the tornadoes that dragged through areas of southeast Michigan. Apart from the tornadoes, there haven’t been any significant climatic conditions that have impacted the township. The weather in Washington, MI is quite similar to the weather conditions in Detroit. Washington does, however, feel a few degrees cooler than Detroit during the winter months.

Washington, MI is a great place to live, but unfortunately some residents have reported problems with mice in their homes. When it comes to mice, there are two species that are most commonly seen in Michigan—house mice and deer mice. They can wreak havoc on your belongings and can carry many diseases.

If you are concerned about an infestation of mice in your home, it could be time to call in professional pest control in Washington, MI. As qualified and licensed exterminators in Washington, MI we use liquid barrier systems and baiting systems to eliminate pest populations. Both treatment options are safe and effective. The liquid barrier system protects outside areas of the home and all entry points. Baiting systems attract and kill pests, and control hidden infestations.

Call us today for a custom treatment plan for your home and any pest issues you’re experiencing. We look forward to speaking with you!