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Common Pest Issues We Treat in Waterford Twp

Yellow Jackets

German yellow jackets are often found in Waterford Twp residential neighborhoods, where they have many homes to pick from to build their nests in.

A common location for their nests is on a vertical section of drywall under the attic insulation. The workers chew up the drywall and mix it with saliva to make a paper-like product used to build the nest.

Like other wasp species, yellow jackets are aggressive and their sting can be very painful.

Black-legged Ticks

Black-legged ticks are one of the most common tick species in Waterford Twp. Preferring larger hosts such as deer, adult black-legged ticks can often be found about knee-high on the tips of branches of low growing shrubs.

Adult females readily attack humans and pets. Both nymph and adult stages transmit diseases such as Lyme disease, Babesiosis, and Anaplasmosis. They tend to prefer wooded areas like those in and around the Drayton Plains Nature Center.

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Other Pests

Mosquitoes are another common summer pest in Waterford Twp, along with carpenter bees.

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amir s.
– Waterford, MI
“very professional and infrormative”
Carmen A.
– Waterford, MI
“He was explained all the details about the extermination. Quick and painless.”
john m.
– Waterford, MI
“great job!”
Karen L.
– Waterford, MI
“The man you sent had all of Dan’s notes and knew exactly where our frequent problems were. He stayed as long as he needed to do a thorough job. We are very satisfied.”
Kimberley D.
– Waterford, MI
“Awesome! Technician Jon was fantastic and we are already seeing dead ants.”
Michelle M.
– Waterford, MI
“Our tech Mike T. was awesome. He was polite, knowledgable and explained the process. I can’t give your company a 5 just yet, as really nothing was done the 1st visit but to monitor. So I will give another feedback after the next visit.


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About Waterford Twp, MI

Waterford Twp is a charter township in Oakland County.

It is a fairly large community, covering 35.3 square miles with a population of over 72,000.

Like the rest of Southeast Michigan, Waterford has a continental climate. The township’s warmest weather occurs in the summer, with temperatures in the eighty to ninety degree range with high humidity. This is normally when pest activity peaks in Waterford.

If you enjoy nature, Waterford won’t disappoint. Waterford Township has 34 lakes within its community of all different size! Cass Lake is the largest and deepest lake in Waterford.

The Drayton Plains Nature Center, located in the center of Waterford, is a popular place for bird watching, fishing, and hiking the woods.

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