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Shampa M.-Michigan
– March 28, 2017
After second application box elder bugs invaded our house more. Now for the third time Jason Sprayed the solution outside all over the house, and inside also he sprayed to those windows from where they used to come. And put traps to those windows too. Now I have to wait and see the condition of the annoying bugs. This time he sprayed outside and inside so that is good.


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Waterford Geography and Pests

Waterford Welcome SignIf you enjoy nature, Waterford, Michigan won’t disappoint! Enjoy Michigan’s varied four seasons as you wander the woods at Drayton Plains Nature Center. Or, bring out your inner bird watcher and spend an afternoon gazing at Golden Crowned Kinglets, Hooded Mergansers or Northern Pintails. And this is only the beginning of what the geography of Waterford has to offer.

Covering just over 35 square miles, Waterford Township is a fairly large community. Within its boundaries you can find five unincorporated communities. These communities include Clintonville, Drayton Plains, Elizabeth Lake, Four Towns, and of course Waterford Village.

In addition to residential communities and business development, Waterford also features many lakes and ponds. From Elizabeth Lake and Watkins Lake all the way down to Fiddle Lake, here in Waterford there are plenty of options for those hoping to spend some time by the water. There is even a walkway following the Clinton River for visitors to enjoy.

Of course, with abundant water comes a few additional problems. Particularly in the warm months, residents in Waterford may notice problems with mosquitos. Wherever water sits still long enough for these annoying pests to breed, you can bet there will be a large community of them. And you don’t want to be the one to feed them! If you are experiencing problems with mosquitos, call our Waterford exterminators right away for some advice.

Waterford History and Pests

For two dollars an acre, Oliver Williams purchased some land in 1818 in what would become Waterford. Shortly thereafter, Archibald Philipps and Alpheus Williams followed suit. These three men together founded Waterford Village.

However, they were not the first to settle or use this area. Although the local Native American tribes did not live on this land due to the excess mosquitos, they had been using the grounds for hunting and fishing for hundreds of years.

Later, in 1701, French fur traders established a settlement in the area. This settlement passed many times between the French, British and Americans over the years until it finally landed in the hands of Williams, Philipps and Williams. Once settled, these men wasted no time in creating a thriving community. They built a dam, a saw mill, a school, a general store, a cemetery and a church. Some of these buildings can still be visited today.

However, even before those first Native Americans arrived, there were others in this area. Common pests ranging from acrobat ants to yellow jackets all call Waterford home. And many want to call your home their home! So if you notice problems with pests in your home, contact us and speak to our local Waterford pest control specialist to have the problem quickly resolved.