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5.0 out of 5 stars
Tina S.-West Bloomfield Michigan
– April 5, 2017
It was great! Jason was great! He was very polite very informative about everything and he went above and beyond to make sure my house was going to be pest and insect free.
5.0 out of 5 stars
Patrick L.-West Bloomfield Michigan
– April 4, 2017
Scott was great! Was early and very professional. Identified the issue and recommended treatment for the carpenter ants. Treated inside and out. Now we wait for the treatment to do its job. Scott gave me very specific instructions on the process and how to minimize any future issues.
5.0 out of 5 stars
Tarah C.-West Bloomfield Michigan
– April 25, 2017
I was pleased that you were able to service my home as quickly as you did. I look forward to being pest free!


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West Bloomfield Geography and Pests

West Bloomfield Welcome SignWest Bloomfield is a charter township in Michigan and is considered part of the Detroit metropolitan area. The township is 31.2 square miles in area, of which 3.9 square miles are water.

West Bloomfield includes a number of small and mid-sized lakes. The largest lake in the county is Cass Lake, which lies partly in West Bloomfield. Pine Lake lies completely within the township. The shore of Pine Lake includes a private country club, as does the shore of nearby Orchard Lake.

Other lakes in the township include Black Walnut Lake, Long Lake, Cranberry Lake and Lord’s Lake in the eastern part of the township. The central part of the township includes Upper Straits, Woodpecker and Norris Lakes. Pickerel Lake receives the discharge of water from Cass Lake in the north. The western part of town includes Union Lake, Scotch Lake, Green Lake, Pleasant Lake, and Lower Straits.

The overall geography of the township is somewhat irregular, with rolling hills near the lakes, but none of the hills is exceptionally high. The southern part of the township is slightly flatter, with gentler rolling hills.

All of the trees and water in West Bloomfield mean that mosquitoes are a frequent nuisance at local outdoor gatherings and recreational events. Mosquitos also carry deadly diseases, making them more dangerous than many common pests. As a local West Bloomfield pest control company, we can keep your yard and family safe from mosquitos so you can enjoy outdoor activities all summer long. Our 5-treatment plan provides mosquito reduction of more than 90% in just a few weeks, and provides coverage for all of mosquito season.

Honey bees are also common in the area, having played a role in pollinizing apple trees and other crops in the area. These bees are considered to be beneficial and should be left alone unless they have gotten inside a house in large numbers. Africanized bees, however, are much more aggressive, and a swarm should be treated by a knowledgeable West Bloomfield exterminator. Wasps and hornets should also be exterminated as these pests can be aggressive, especially if their nests are accidentally disturbed. They can sting repeatedly and painfully.

West Bloomfield History and Pests

West Bloomfield township was formed when Bloomfield Township was divided in 1833. At the time, the area was covered in apple orchards. An island in one of the township’s largest lakes was populated by apple trees, leading residents to name the lake Orchard Lake and the island Apple Island. Two future kings of Hawaii visited Apple Island in 1850. Prince Alexander Liholiho, who would become King Kamehameha IV, and his brother Prince Lot, who would become King Kamehameha V, had a picnic with friends on the island.

Well-known residents of West Bloomfield include Meryl Davis, winner of an Olympic gold medal in ice dancing at the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia; Pamela Eldred, Miss America of 1970; and actor Justin Bartha, who appeared in The Hangover trilogy and the National Treasure series of films.

West Bloomfield became a popular suburb in the 1960s when it experienced a surge in home construction as families moved out of the more urban Detroit neighborhoods. Area homes can be susceptible to carpenter ants, which chew but don’t eat wood, and are often found where there is damp wood such as decks or patios. They may also be found in kitchens or bathrooms.

Mice are another common pest in West Bloomfield. As the weather turns cooler, mice will squeeze into your home through the smallest of spaces. Once they get inside, they can reproduce rapidly and they don’t like to leave!

As an experienced West Bloomfield pest control company, we can address all your pest issues quickly and effectively. We can have a qualified technician dispatched to your home or place of business, usually within one business day.