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Jessica C.-Michigan
– May 16, 2017
Nick always does a fantastic job with our home! He is very thorough and I appreciate his feedback on what to watch for around the house.


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Westland Geography and Pests

Westland Welcome SignSixteen miles west of Detroit lies the sprawling suburb of Wesland, Michigan. It covers just more than twenty square miles of land and yet, packed within those twenty miles is a high population density of more than four thousand people per square mile.

With this many people calling Westland home, it isn’t surprising that much of the area is dedicated to residential communities and commercial developments. A checkerboard of streets criss-crosses Westland from the east all the way over to Interstate 275 on the west.

In addition to roadway boundaries, Westland also has a few water boundaries as well. Tracing along the northern edge of Westland, the slim streams of Willow Creek meander across town. Down south, the lower edges of the city are bounded by the Lower Rouge River. Those looking for a little time in nature can explore the recreational trails along the river.

As with most high population density areas, Westland experiences its fair share of common household pests. Residents may have problems, for example, with mice. These small rodents can enter your home through incredibly small openings. Once inside, they are like to breed in large numbers, creating a real nuisance in your home. If you notice signs of a mouse infestation in your home, let us send out our Westland pest control specialists to help.

Westland History and Pests

You may call this area Westland but many others have called it other things. Westland is historically a place of several names. Of course, the Native American tribes who first wandered through these areas and made them home likely had their own names for Westland. These areas were inhabited by the Potawatomi people, as well as some Algonquin tribes. But even in the time since European settlement, Westland has experienced a shifting identity.

The earliest European settlers knew Westland as a part of Bucklin Township, which was organized in 1827. Only two years later, this township split into two separate townships: Peking and Nanking Townships. Shortly after that, in 1835, the area split again and the area containing Westland became its own township. It wasn’t until 1966 that the area we now know as Westland became its own community and took the name we know today.

While the name might have changed, the heart of Westland has stayed the same. Of course, other things have also remained through it all: pests. Residents in Westland may notice spiders, ants or roaches in their homes. If you experience problems with household pests, simply call us and we will send a local Westland exterminator to your home right away.

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